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Article Marketing Automation Review

Article Marketing Automation Review

I've titled this video "Article Marketing on Steroids" and that claim isn't far from the truth. This new software is killer.

It allows you to not only automate your article marketing (and gaining hundreds of incoming links in the process), it allows you to:

1. Start your own article site if you so wish (easily) and get lots of fresh content daily.

2. Gain hundreds of incoming links from relevant websites via distributing your content to these sites and ensuring that your articles get reworded (properly) so that it is seen as unique content on each of these sites!

There is more, you have to watch the video below:

Article Marketing on steroids

When you're ready to check it out, the site is Article Marketing Automation.

All the best to your continued success!


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  • Reply affiliate internet marketing • 3739 days ago

    Very interesting... I will be joining soon, I wonder how it compares to unique article wizard? http://www.uawiz.com

  • Reply Ethan • 3692 days ago

    Definitelly, good solution for niche sites. Its automation keeps time that can be spent in some other usefull jobs

  • Reply article marketing • 3488 days ago

    By automating you can add lots in a small time but be careful of overdoing it, so you dont get listed as a spammer.

  • Reply Thuy Myers3488 days ago

    i personally subscribe to this service. its excellent. but i only MARGINALLY recommend it for the following reasons:

    1. very poor customer support.
    2. they don't care about you
    3. lack of training on seo
    4. the training to use their product COMPLETELY FAILS and PALES in comparison to Mark's affilobluprint. i think I got spoiled by how good affiloblueprint is. training is VERY disappointing.
    5. VERY disappointing customer support if you can even call it. Customer LACK of support is much more accurate.

    its too bad. it really is a great service.

    A question for Mark Ling: is there anything else similar but with GOOD customer support and seo training? i think as soon as i find something better i'm bailing.

  • Reply Article Marketing Tips • 3443 days ago

    No question that Mark has a winner on his hands. I like the fact that he is creating an angle that allows more people to start creating their own article sites.

    There is no reason that there shouldn't be 100's of more high quality sites than there already is!

  • Reply battery • 3426 days ago

    I wonder to know if the site owner can delete my article or not

  • Reply David Wood • 3365 days ago

    Great review, I'm going to look into that product today!

  • Reply mark keeler3340 days ago

    I tried the free trial on AMA. Talk about a piece of $h!! customer service. The manual only confuses a person. I listened to a tutorial on YouTube and could barely hear the speaker. Maybe it's a great thing that the service is so crappy. Few people will use and we can spin millions of articles and be ahead of the competition.

    Any suggestions on learning this beast? Seems like mark ling knows how to use it.

  • Reply joseph mccaffrey3339 days ago

    Dear MWKeeler

    Yeah, AMA can be frustrating to learn and the videos don't help all that much, but stick with it - it gets easier and it does get you back links.

    I mainly use it to submit articles. I just put my first site on it last week and so far that's been frustrating - articles offered that have nothing to do with the niche and the ones I do accept not getting published and no response to my support tickets.

    But the article part goes smoothly (if tediously - it's on my list to outsource) for me now. I suggest that you start with a couple of short article and just use the first level spin, by which I mean alternatives in this format: {option A~option B}.

    Do a paragraph and submit as draft. If the option parameters areout of balance, the rewrite will come up highlighted to make it easier to see the mistake, and it does help. If the parameters are OK, you'll see a spun version of the article as it would be submitted to a blog. It's worth reading through to see if it makes sense.

    Then click edit to rewrite the next paragraph and do the same thing. I only go a paragraph at a time because if I do mess up the parameters it's a lot easier to find the error if I only have to check one paragraph rather than the whole article.

    After you've done that, you can go back and add the second level options - ones between square brackets within the squiggly brackets like so: {blah blah blah ~ more blah blah blah continued blah}

    Here's a sentence from an article I have published to try to make it clearer:

    {Before I tell you about the study, I want to ~I'll tell you about the study and these supplements in a moment, but first a want to }.

    It does take time to put it all together so it makes sense. Saving it often and reading the drafts as you helps keep things readable.

    I just checked my stats. To give you an idea of what results you might expect here's what I have to date:

    I have 85 article live that have been published 4943 times. Each of those has three links to my pages in different niches, so you can do that math. The search engines are finding the links and raising my pages in the rankings.

    Hope this helps. Like most programs there's a learning curve, but it does get easier.

    Still, I want to outsource it :-)


  • Reply Brian Shelton3339 days ago

    Just take your time and read the manual...I was able to train my writer just using the manual...It takes a second to get the hang of it but it's worth it...best of luck!

  • Reply paulie693338 days ago

    Hi Battery,

    Not sure if you've found your answer by now but yes, any site owner who accepts an AMA article is free to delete your article anytime after publishing it if they choose to do so. The AMA system does not notify you that it's been deleted - it only tells you when an article has been published by incrementing the published count. It would be nice if there was another counter to keep track of whether the article is still active or not (given the subscription cost which is quite a bit of money for me anyway) but I guess that would be a big ask.


  • Reply Alan Benney3337 days ago

    I used AMA for 3 months and I have seven sites spun around 30 articles or more and according to google Analytics it produced very few back links personally I found it very time consuming and did not deliver and over priced.
    fortunately I did not have to use customer service after watching marks video I found it pretty straight forward to use. however my opinion for what is is worth not good.
    I have software to create back links which achieves it in a fraction of the time

  • Reply paulie693335 days ago

    Hi Alan,

    I know what you mean. I've only been using AMA for one month, can't get any response from the "support" area whatsoever now. Very frustrating considering we're paying for this thing. Also I can see a lot of these blog sites have 0 page rank, I guess it might help us over time when (if) those blogs develop but right now, I don't understand how having backlinks from heaps of 0 ranking sites is helping our cause(?) Alan, would you be kind enough to let us in on what software you use or recommend for creating backlinks? :)

    Kind regards

  • Reply Daniel Turner (From AMAutomation) • 3330 days ago

    Hiya Paul and Alan, I'd love to see the software as well

    Alan, we poll all keywords in the system that are targetted and at last check (last week) we had 49% on the first page of Google, this obviously takes into consideration the ranking, which, if the user is doing other activities doesn't reflect AMA by itself but it is a reflection of it's ability

    Paul, sorry man where are you submitting support to?

    Shoot me an email directly mate and I'll help get you sorted with whatever you need and find out what happeneddaniel at articlemarketingautomation.com


  • Reply Alan Benney3330 days ago

    Hi Daniel and Paul I would very pleased to share with you the software I have been using for the past month or so and it prouduced some really good back links to my sites I would like to point out that it is still a certain amount of work involved but this really does work not just for back links but for many other things for example back links for blogs automatic submission for all my sites every month check it out here broken links and much more.

    Daniel I have not had to use customer support that is not my gripe however as I said in my last comment you can only judge something on results and th AMA results are poor. if you want to check me out regarding my back links through other ways for example ezine articles google me Alan benney and that is my point ezine articles cost me nothing AMA $47 per month???
    Take care guys and I wish you every success
    Alan Benney

  • Reply paulie693330 days ago

    Hey Daniel,

    Nice to hear from you :)

    We lodged support tickets directly through AMA. Please see ticket#958382 which they "lost" and also ticket #481814 which has never been responded to since October 13. Also send email to Marc@... as per the auto response received upon signup.... nothing heard back.

    Thanks for your concern I will email you directly ASAP :)

    Best wishes

    nd a separate email to you by replying to the original :"welcome to AMA" email you and Marc sent.

  • Reply Disappointed AMA Member • 3320 days ago

    I didn't want to leave a URL as I am really disappointed with AMA.

    I can't seem to get any support.

    I wrote a rant about it on one of my blogs and I for the last couple of days I can't even upload articles. They didn't disable my log-in, but I would imagine that's next.

    The articles are getting terrible at AMA and so many are now just spamming all the categories they can. Do you need a print cartridge for your garden??

    Not sure why they would just ignore us.

  • Reply dean abrahamse • 3176 days ago

    Im very dissapointed with Article marketing automation and i would not sign up for it.

    First off their customer support is ------well there are no words for it-----Because there is no support.

    My debit card expired, so the paypal account that i was using got expired. I let Article marketing automation know about this two weeks back, having used them since Nov 2009, i said im sorting the issue out, as i had to wait for two small deposits to come through to my account

    I never heard back from them

    I then logged into their system and count not submit an article due to me not having paid, i thought they would take the money out as i had instructed, obviously due to their lack of customer service they didnt get it nor reply.

    I then sent a 2nd message after not being able to log into the system and send article.

    Oh well today, my 50-70 articles --------------Gone--------------

    My money down the drain, i never saved the articles as i was going to pay for the service and continue using them

    -----What gets me about mark, is that he promotes them when he knows they have no customer service------

    so anyway, i wont be using them again, why should you use a company that A) doesnt respond to support tickets EVER EVER

    B) who doesnt even give you like 20 days to sort the thing out. I mean how much does it cost them to send out for 20 more days when you sort the system out

    I mean think about it, i refuse to sign up with them again, if i cant get hold of someone and they treat their customers like this, i hope they go bankrupt!

    My advice............Look for another service, because they provide none.................

    Mark ling is friends with these guys, why would you do join ventures with people who are going to tarnish your reputation and annoy your customers, for someone who knows marketing and the marginal networth of each of your customers/students thats not a wise thing to do

  • Reply Faustino Gaitan3070 days ago

    so... I was wondering if I shoul join the network but I'm reading some bad reviews...

  • Reply Jack • 2944 days ago

    Is anyone using article marketing automation?

    I find that far less articles are getting published now. Also I get less pingbacks than the control panel says has been published so I am dubious about those figures.

    Anyone else notice this? Is there a better service to join? Thanks!

  • Reply JDC • 2848 days ago

    No, I have yet to try article automation, forarticle marketing purposes.

  • Reply Trey • 2279 days ago

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  • Reply Cindy • 1811 days ago

    It's a wonderful article. I have using AMA for more than 2 years with significant result. You can use it in your niche with appropriate keywords.

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