A useful tool to ensure your articles are unique...

By Simon Slade
A useful tool to ensure your articles are unique...


For those of you out there battling to reword your PLR articles, or struggling to turn the articles supplied by merchants in their affiliates areas into unique works of art (fit for the SEO gods)... I just want to make sure you've seen this tool.

It's been lurking in the Affilorama Tools area for a little while now: Unembellished, unassuming, and possessing the most prosaic name one could possibly conjure into existence. But it's an indispensable tool for those of you trying to spin your articles into unique content:

It's the Article Compare Tool!

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler.

  1. Take your original article and paste it into the top box.

  2. Paste it again into the bottom box.

  3. Go through the article in the bottom box, modifying words and sentences to make them a little different to the article in the top box.

  4. When you think you've done enough... hit “Check”

  5. The Article Compare tool will calculate the difference between the articles. You should be aiming for at least 25% difference, and preferably about 50% difference from the original.

  6. If your new version isn't unique enough, take a look at those glaring yellow sections that the tool has highlighted. These are sections that haven't been modified yet. You might wish to change a few words around in those sections to bump up your article's uniqueness.

Why do you need unique articles?

Simply put: The search engines aren't interested in listing a whole bunch of pages with exactly the same content. It doesn't give a good experience for their users. So if your page looks remarkably similar to another one on the internet, only one of you will make it into the search results. When you're trying to get traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimization... you really need those pages to appear in the search listings!

It's also important for people doing PPC, because in order to keep those click prices down, you need to show that you have a quality site. Just copying a bunch of articles from article directories isn't going to help you out very much, and you need to make sure you have good original content on your site as well. (Although you'll probably hide it away somewhere, accessible only through a small link at the bottom, which is guarded by a troll with no eyes... etc)

And go check out the Article Compare Tool for yourself! It makes article rewording fun!

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