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Are you annoying your audience?

Are you annoying your audience?

Did your tweet last night strike a chord with your followers?

What about that controversial post you just Facebooked?

Your social following is made up of real people with opinions; how they're reacting to you and your content could indicate whether your bottom line is about to zoom... or tank. Irrelevant, boring, or just plain annoying Tweets or Facebook posts could see your audience drop (followed swiftly by your sales). 

But how do you know if you're annoying your audience?

Thanks to today's AffiloTools' update, you no longer need to guess where you stand - now you can see the direct result of your social activity (good and bad)

Facebook/Twitter trends

With AffiloTools' new Facebook and Twitter dashboard widgets you can see whether your social activity is growing your audience... or turning people off.

For those of you not so good at reading between the lines (or reading the lines, as it were), AffiloTools will tell you straight up if your likes or followers have dropped significantly... indicating something didn't quite sit right with your audience (was it something I said?).

Like the good friend who takes you aside and tells you there's food on your face, AffiloTools' will show a little 'heads up' alert when you've lost more likes/followers than you gained over the week, so you can figure out what's gone wrong, clean yourself up (here's a napkin), and get back to doling out the charm.


We've also fixed the following issues in this release

  • Issue when connecting to Google Analytics
  • Analytics numbers on Dashboard were incorrect due to a timezone miscalculation
  • The Link Finder page used old version of the project selector

Check it out

That's everything from today's update! As usual, if you find bugs, please use the 'Feedback' button inside AffiloTools to let me know!

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