Are Natural Health Affiliate Programs Natural Earners?

By Cecille Loorluis
Are Natural Health Affiliate Programs Natural Earners?


"Natural health" is an umbrella term for vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and all alternative medicine. It is a rapidly growing market, with recorded sales amounting to USD $15 billion back in 2012. Industry experts believe that the natural health industry will be a trillion-dollar trade by 2017.

Part of the industry's popularity is due to availability. Natural health products are available online, and can be purchased over the counter without need of a prescription. Still, consumers should make sure they read labels and do proper research before taking any medication or supplement without a health professional’s advice.

Natural health products are huge in Canada, with 73% of its population reportedly taking natural health products regularly. The niche has taken foothold in the United States, and other major economies like China.

All-Natural Keywords

It's not "all-natural." Be specific with your keywords to target the right market.

With a rapidly flourishing market, I would expect keywords in the natural health niche would be highly competitive. Going into AffiloTools, there are some good keywords to target. If you’re targeting “natural health,” “wellness,” or “natural supplements,” you’ll find these keywords have low to medium competition, and with good monthly search values.

Natural Health - Affilotools Keyword Research Results

But the catch here is that you won’t be targeting just these keywords. You need to be specific so you can get your target market to your website. To make my search specific, I decided on a specific sub-niche of the natural health niche: natural weight loss.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements - Affilotools Keyword Research Results

As expected, these keywords have higher search values, but more competition. I have tried these on other natural health sub-niches: aging, detox diets, and acne. The results are pretty much the same, and not surprising in a niche this large and this popular.

You can use the “Related Keywords” tab in Affilotools to look at possible related keywords to target. I looked at some related keywords for “natural weight loss” and there are a few that have good monthly search values with low competition that I can add to my keyword list.

Natural Weight Loss - Affilotools Related Keywords Research Results

Another option is to look at websites like Ubersuggest. These sites can show you keywords related to your target keyword so you have a better list to work with.

Natural Health Affiliate Programs

A surplus of products to promote for good-looking commissions.

I checked out the ClickBank Marketplace first, as I know the site has an extensive list of health and fitness products. The ClickBank Marketplace did have a lot of products to offer on health and fitness in general, but not as much when you go specifically into natural health. These first two products made the cut for having good enough gravity, passable commission, and persuasive sales pages. Then, I broadened my search to the internet at large and found some other promising options. 

Leaky Gut Cure

1. Leaky Gut Cure

About Leaky Gut Cure
This may be number one, but this is the last product I would want you to promote for the natural health niche. This product claims to be the best-selling natural health product in ClickBank, and that may be true, but I personally find it a bit improbable. It promises to cure the Leaky Gut syndrome through natural remedies, including proper diet.

How much can I make?
75% commission for each sale isn’t so bad. That amounts to around USD$30 for every sale of the e-book.

How do I apply?
Register as a ClickBank affiliate and you can begin promoting this product.

All Natural Kidney Health

2. All Natural Kidney Health

About All Natural Kidney Health
This is another natural health product in the ClickBank Marketplace. The full name of the eBook is “All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program.” It details how you can improve kidney function using natural remedies.

How much can I make?
Commission is at 67%, earning you an average of USD$40 per sale.

How do I apply?
You need to be a ClickBank affiliate to promote this product.

Global Healing Center


About Global Healing Center certainly lives up to its name; It is a one-stop shop for everything “natural.” It has natural health products for your body, your skin, and even your pets.

How much can I make?
Signing up as an affiliate of entitles you to a commission of anywhere from 5% to 50%, depending on the products bought through your link. The site has a commission chart on its Affiliates page you can refer to if you need more information.

How do I apply? manages its own affiliate program. You can sign up and read more about the program on the Affiliates page.

Global Healing Center

4. Native Remedies

About Native Remedies
Another natural health one-stop shop is The site carries natural health supplements ranging from essential oils to weight management and cardiovascular aids.

How much can I make? offers a clean 25% commission per sale. The site has a tiered commission structure, too, where you get an additional 5% commission from sales made through affiliates who signed up through you.

How do I apply?
You need to register through to become a affiliate.

CLE Holistic Health

5. CLE Holistic Health

About CLE Holistic Health offers dietary supplements made from herbal components. This retailer has supplements that can help improve your blood pressure, your mood, and your blood sugar counts.

How much can I make?
The site offers up to 50% commissions on products. You'll keep making money off recurring customers too, because CLE has a re-order rate of more than 90%, according to the affiliate page.

How do I apply?
You can join the CLE Holistic Health affiliate program through their own Affiliates page.

You can also check out the offers in It is similar to ClickBank in that it is also an affiliate network, but its primary focus is health and beauty products. You can earn between USD $30-50 on commissions, or 50% of the sale.

Marketing Au Naturel

Don't be fooled. There's plenty enough competition in the natural health niche so be prepared with a sound marketing plan.

We may be in the natural health niche, but that doesn’t mean that you need to rely only on natural link building and inbound marketing methods. Natural or organic traffic is the best, but the results take time.

Before going into this niche, or any niche for that matter, make sure that you have at least two to three marketing methods in the back of your mind (or preferably, written down). Doing this ensures you don’t waste time thinking of how you’ll promote the site once it’s up and running. 

Having a ready-made link building strategy, even just a rough draft, will help ease you from site building to driving traffic to your website and help you start earning commissions faster. 

Some methods you can consider for the natural health niche are:

Amazon Kindle Traffic

Creating an e-book or free report with several pages is challenging for the non-writer, but it's a promising tactic. Good thing there are professional writers you can hire to create the content for you.

This represents another expense, but one that is worth every penny. Not only will you be able to drive traffic to your website using the free report or e-book, you can also charge a small fee for every download so you can at least get back some of what you’ve invested.

Make sure your special offering contains your affiliate links for the products you’re promoting, and that there are links taking the reader to your website for additional information.

Forum and Blog Commenting

This is a tried-and-true method in link building. Aside from getting you those precious backlinks, this method helps you drive traffic to your website all the while building a reputation for you and your site. You can frequent forums like or and share your thoughts and recommendations.

The wonderful results that come from blog and forum commenting take time though. You can work on this strategy while promoting your site using a paid method or two so you can gain traffic faster, instead of relying on just one or the other for results.

Content Strategy

You can pick a specific sub-niche in the natural health niche and still find plenty of topics to cover. There are a lot of new information to cover as well, and you would need to be on top of these updates. A good content strategy will greatly help in ensuring your website is continuously updated with the latest on natural health.

The above methods, and any inbound marketing or link building method you apply to your website, requires knowledge of these specific methods. We have free lessons on marketing and link building that you can refer to. We also have list on our blog of 25 online marketing courses you can choose from to help you gain better understanding of how each of these methods work.

Natural Health Affiliate Programs: Go Natural or Leave it to Nature?

Will going “natural” and “organic” lead to a robust income?

Leaky Gut Cure Icon All Natural Kidney icon Global Healing Center icon Native Remedies icon CLE Holistic Health icon
5% to 50%

And now we're back to the pick-it-up-or-leave-it part. Should you look into this niche? And the answer is... Yes. Done right, you could earn a sizable profit from promoting natural health affiliate products.

But before you go jump right in, a few reminders: competition, content strategy, and inbound marketing.

There’s plenty of competition, but this also means there’s plenty opportunity to find places to build backlinks and connect with your target market. Still, it can be tough to make your way into the upper echelons of this niche.

This brings us to a need for a solid content strategy and a strong inbound marketing/link building strategy. This is not a niche where you build a site, put content, build links, then leave it alone. This is the kind of website that requires regular attention.

If those don’t turn you away from the natural health niche, great! Take action and build that website today!

How do you build an affiliate marketing website? Let AffiloBlueprint show you how!

Barry Richardson 7 years ago
Thank you for this informative post on affiliate programs in the Natural Health niche, which happens to be my passion. I am certainly interested in promoting The Leaky Gut Cure and have just emailed the author for a review copy.

As a natural health researcher, I am well acquainted with the body's ability to heal itself when it is put into a healthy state (through PROPER nutrition and a healthy lifestyle). When the body heals, it heals EVERYTHING. So I must disagree with you that it is "a bit improbable" that this product can do much good. I've reviewed similar products on Clickbank - all have the same goal: to detoxify the body and bring it back to optimal health so that it can heal itself. It never fails to amaze me!
Spanky Smith 7 years ago
this is really great,unique and very informative post, i like it.
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This is a very informative post and this has helped me learn about affiliate marketing in the health niche. Very shortly I will create my blog for it. I need your help.
Kalyan Ghosh.
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Thanks once again for giving me a hidden gold mine.

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Hi Mark,

I enjoyed this article a lot. Actually I was searching for natural remedies affiliate programs when your article showed up as number 4 in the search results. And because I have read and benefited from reading several of your articles before, I clicked on the link, knowing I would receive good, helpful information on the topic. I was not disappointed.

Thanks again for your helpful article.

Roger Ali Bocus

Aaron 3 years ago
Great Article. I'm planning to start a new website focusing on the health and wellness niche. It seems to me that this could be an incredibly profitable vertical. With everyone and their granny all being obsessed with everything healthy I find it hard to believe that someone couldn't turn a profit. Health products for your skin, for your hair, your weight loss goals, training regimen, digestive issues, and I mean the list goes on and on. It's damn near impossible to run out of content to produce. Yes; I see this as the golden niche for 2021. I suggest everyone go and get their share of the pie