Announcing The AffiloTools Link Finder

By Simon Slade
Announcing The AffiloTools Link Finder


It's time to get excited - the techno-boffins here at Affilorama are delighted to announce that the AffiloTools Link Finder is now available for public use! 

AffiloTools is our exciting new all-in-one platform that helps you to manage some of the most important aspects of building a profitable affiliate website, including analytics, social media, and keyword tracking.  Basically, it is a total package designed to help you make more money online, and the AffiloTools Link Finder is going to help you get even better results. It's a unique tool that has been designed to sniff out quality "white hat" links that you can then build to your site.

The Truth About Links 

You might already know that links are important for getting high search rankings, driving organic search traffic, enhancing your reputation as a niche authority, and getting direct referral traffic.

But not all links are created equally. Many linking tools and software programs work by creating a high volume of irrelevant or "spammy" links; if you have ever come across someone offering you thousands of links for some nominal fee, then they are probably using such software. Although automated link building sounds tempting, it could very well lead to your site being banished from Google's search rankings (just ask anyone whose site was hit by the Google Penguin update).

What's So Different About Our Link Finder?

The AffiloTools Link Finder breaks from the mold by helping you to find sources of quality links that you can then build yourself. The benefits of using our Link Finder are immense:

  • Control the quality of inbound links. Automated link building tools tend to focus on quantity over quality, which is disastrous for your rankings and traffic. Google (and the other search engines) want to see relevant links from top notch website, and the AffiloTools Link Finder makes this easy by simplifying the link hunting process. Sort potential links based on page authority, and then build links from worthwhile sources only.
  • Become a true authority in your niche and expand your readership. One of the most exciting features of our Link Finder is its ability to sniff out guest posting opportunities. Wave goodbye to the old days of laboring over blogs and websites to see if they accept guest contributions, and instead use our powerful tool to search for opportunities based on your keywords. This is one of the best methods in the world for expanding your readership and traffic. You can also use the Link Finder to uncover potential niche resource links that will help improve your notoriety. 
  • Improve your productivity and bottom line. Link building has always been seen by most affiliates as a chore that chews up valuable time. By using our Link Finder you can skip all the boring bits, and get straight into the act of building quality links to your site that will help boost your pages up the search engines and result in traffic and sales growth.  If you use a virtual assistant or outsource worker to build your links, then you can get a higher return on your investment by enabling them to stop wasting time finding link opportunities, and instead focus on building them.

Supercharge Your Link Building Today

Here's a run down of the incredible things you can do with the AffiloTools Link Finder:

Search for links based on a number of different types. Guest posts, resources, blog comments, site reviews, web directories, article directories, and sponsors (where you donate something to be listed as a linked sponsor). This gives you massive link diversity, which is very important.

affilotools link types

Order links by domain authority and page authority. If you're pressed for time, then ensure that your effort only goes into building the most lucrative links possible. Search for a high domain or page authority and dedicate your energies into building valuable links. You can also search by link type as well.

Search from your phone or tablet: With AffiloTools Link Finder you can now uncover powerful links on your smartphone or tablet device, and it scales for your screen size (it's "mobile responsive" if you're a sucker for technical nomenclature). Imagine how cool it would be to chill on the couch watching your favorite TV show, all while hunting out great links that are going to boost your traffic and rankings.

What's On The Link Finding Horizon

"But wait, there's more!" - here are some of the awesome features of our Link Finder that are to come:

  • Localized links. If you're trying to optimize a local site of your own, then the ability to find localized links ready-to-build will be priceless (this feature will be a hit with anyone who offers local SEO services as well, and will greatly add to the appeal of your service).
  • Search for links based on multiple keywords and your AffiloTools project keywords. Kill loads of birds with one stone by hunting out links from multiple keywords.
  • Select potential links as favorites. If you're in a rush and want to come back to your links, then you will soon be able to save favorites. Imagine finding links on your smartphone while catching the bus to work, saving them as favorites, and then rushing home at the end of the day to build your link empire and drive more targeted traffic.
  • Check if you already have a link from a particular source. Sure, there's nothing technically wrong with getting multiple links from the same page, but you're always going to get better results from a more diverse link base. Cut down on wasted time and keeping track of link sources to see if you've got your comment or article accepted; let the Link Finder do it for you.

Ready To Take The Plunge And Find Great Links?

Getting access to the AffiloTools Link Finder is super easy. Just open up your AffiloTools Dashboard (click here to open it in a new window) and look for "Link Finder" under the research tab.

If you're not yet utilizing the power of AffiloTools, then you really need to get on board with it now. You need to be an Affilorama Premium member to use AffiloTools, and you can get access here for just $1.

Try AffiloTools for just $1.00


Thanks for your continued support of AffiloTools; feel free to ask any questions you might have about the Link Finder and we will answer them ASAP. Bear in mind that the Link Finder is constantly being revised, and more functionality will be added in the future. 

Maximus Sales 11 years ago
Great article on link building. I still follow the old method of guest post, directories, reviews and one missed but is excellent is forums. Excellent place to converse with link minded people.
Matt sargisson 11 years ago
This is exactly what i need! I look forward to using this. Great job!
sunny raj 11 years ago
there's nothing technically wrong with obtaining multiple links from constant page, however you are continuously planning to pick up results from a a lot of numerous link base. impede on wasted time and keeping track of link sources to visualize if you've your comment or article accepted; let the Link Finder eff for you.
Leon Wolinski 11 years ago
Wow! I just checked out the dashboard and started adding some web properties urls of mine. This is simply amazing...
- Leon Edward
Cecille Loorluis 11 years ago
Hi Leon,

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad to hear you find the this new function in Affilotools helpful. :)

All the best,

Russell Oakley 11 years ago
Perfect timing for this article. I have been having a hard time finding good sites to link back from. I will for sure be test driving this new software
Anirudh 11 years ago
I've seen many link finder tools, but I am very glad to see that this tool is special and unique. Have to give it a try. Hats Off Affilorama! Cheers :)
Daniel sawin 11 years ago
Wow nice article about link building. Link building is more effective like the forums, directories, guest posts etc................i was planning of doing link building good time i came to visit this article..............keep on sharing informative articles like this..........great job!!!!!!!!