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Announcing AffiloTools

Announcing AffiloTools

Hello all!

Today we're very excited to announce the Open Beta launch of our new affiliate marketing toolsuite, AffiloTools. It's been under development for a long time, but we're finally ready to let you guys in!

Click here to take a closer look at AffiloTools 

AffiloTools is our brand-new, completely online, website management toolsuite. We basically took most of the features from our existing Premium Tools and Traffic Travis, and created a new system from the ground up. With AffiloTools, you can manage your SEO, PPC, website analytics and social campaigns, all from one place!

Here's some of what you can do:

  • Manage multiple websites
  • Track your rankings, so you always know where you stand with Google
  • Get an automatic analysis for SEO warnings, so you know what you need to fix on your website
  • Invite other Affilorama members to help you out on your project
  • Schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter so you don't have to always be at your computer!

A quick introduction



Give me access!

AffiloTools Beta is currently only available to Affilorama Premium members. This means that if you're a member of Affilorama Premium, you'll be getting access very soon. It also means that you can't invite non-Premium members to help you on your project. 

To get access, simply click here

Don't worry, everyone else! Once we've done a lot more work on it, and AffiloTools is a bit more polished, we'll open it up to everyone in some form :)

To ensure AffiloTools doesn't fall over from you all rushing to access it at the same time, we'll be emailing you out gradually over the next two weeks. Once you receive an email from us, you should be all set to go with AffiloTools!

Will things break?

As the 'Open Beta' name suggests, AffiloTools is not yet 100% complete. Although we're hard at work, continuously bugfixing, [we'll still be going over the Christmas break, too], things are still likely to break while you're using the software.

With this in mind, we'd really love your feedback if you see a bug. You can do that in two ways:

  1. Leave a bug fix request using the feedback button. If you think something is broken or not working right, then you just need to click the feedback button at the top of the AffiloTools page. You can see this in the screen shot below. We would really appreciate it if you used our AffiloTools feedback function to let us know of any problems.
  2. Contact our amazing support team. As always, our crack team of support experts are ready and willing to help you out. You can get support info here. If you're really struggling with AffiloTools, then consider sending a message to our support team and they will get back to you ASAP.

affilotools feedback button

Can I Suggest Features?

Of course you can! If there's something you feel that is missing from AffiloTools, then you can leave a feature request.

To ask for a feature visit the AffiloTools Uservoice page and submit your feature request [don't use the Feedback button].

Click here to suggest a new AffiloTools feature

Protip - There's a good chance that your feature request has already been thought of by someone else. If this is the case, and you can see a similar feature request, then please don't submit another one (we don't want lots of identical requests). Instead, you can chose to "vote" on an existing feature request; the more votes it gets, the more likely we are to include the feature.

Please note that no new features will be added until early 2013, as we want to focus on ironing out any bugs before adding new features.

How do I learn to use it?

We've designed AffiloTools to be extremely easy to use, and we even have a usability expert who is helping us to make it even easier! Getting started with your website in AffiloTools is just a matter of following the basic introduction steps (and there's even a video to show you how to do it)

Furthermore, there is video training and walk-through information for every aspect of AffiloTools. For example, if you're struggling with the SEO Rankings section, then it's just a case of watching the embedded training video:

What's Happening To The Old Premium Tools?

One of the coolest things about Affilorama Premium is the wide range of tools we offer. AffiloTools is eventually going to replace the current Affilorama Premium tool set, but for the time being you will be able to access both. However, in a few months we will be cutting access and support for the "old" tools.

This is not a decision we've taken lightly; we understand that you may use our tools as part of your daily business. However, the new AffiloTools offer a substantially improved level of service. With the old Affilorama Premium tools, we covered a little bit of everything under the sun. With AffiloTools, you'll be taking significantly more focused direction - with the ultimate aim of building a real business with your website. Remember, if there's specific parts of the old Tools you want, you can always suggest them as features.

How Do They Compare [and What's New With] AffiloTools?

To be honest, comparing AffiloTools with the old Affilorama Premium tools is like comparing apples with oranges. AffiloTools is website-focused. Basically, this means that with AffiloTools we've made a system where you can import your website(s) and manage a huge amount of your affiliate marketing business from one handy location.

Affilorama Premium Tools was a very useful collection of time-saving tools. From the built-in article spinner, through to the market research and PPC tools, there was a little bit of something for everybody. However, these tools also lacked direction - and that's the biggest difference with AffiloTools.

With AffiloTools you load up your website and can manage all your keyword research, performance tracking, social signals and site information from one location. This means you'll be more focused and working harder on building a smart online business. 

AffiloTools is a giant leap forward compared to what we offered in the past.

AffiloTools In Action

Just to really whet your appetite for AffiloTools, here are some tantalizing "action shots" to give you a taste for what you'll be getting.

Checking and following your rankings for keywords is easy:



You can keep up-to-date with your websites' Twitter and Facebook accounts, and even schedule posts for the future:



Researching new keywords and adding them to your website is a breeze:


And the keyword finder hunts out targeted and profitable keywords for you:

There's heaps more you can do with AffiloTools - the images above are only a tiny taste of the amazing things you can do with AffiloTools. The real fun comes from trying it all out for yourself!

Enough! Let me in!

Ready to jump in? If you're a Premium Member, then head straight over to the AffiloTools overview page to log straight in!


Click here to access AffiloTools


Thanks all! I hope you enjoy using AffiloTools  


P.S. What about Traffic Travis?

No doubt a lot of you are wondering whether we're eventually going to shut down Traffic Travis as a result of building AffiloTools, and whether it's still worth buying, in case we shut down support.

The short answer is: yes, AffiloTools will eventually replace Traffic Travis... but not for a long time!

The fact is, although we've put a lot of effort into AffiloTools, we still don't have all the features available in Traffic Travis (although we do also have a lot of cool features that Traffic Travis doesn't!) Additionally, we probably won't consider AffiloTools to be 'stable' until at least the middle of next year, earliest.

Even once AffiloTools goes fully public, we've already discussed with our staff that we'll be maintaining bugfixes and security updates for Traffic Travis for a good couple of years after AffiloTools is released, and we'll likely maintain customer support for a while after that as well. So, with a good 2 or 3 years of support left (and at least 2 years until AffiloTools fully incorporates all of Traffic Travis' features), I wouldn't consider Traffic Travis 'dead' by a long shot.

As for importing your projects - quite unfortunately, because of how differently AffiloTools and Traffic Travis are designed, we have no way to allow you to export Traffic Travis projects, and import them into AffiloTools, and we don't have it on our development roadmap at this time.

In the meantime, to get a glimpse of just how AffiloTools compares to Traffic Travis, just click here to login and start using AffiloTools Beta!

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  • Reply Simon Slade2635 days ago

    Wahoo! Well done to all who worked on it, very exciting to see and a great tool for anyone that has a website they want to monitor and maintain without the pain of having to install, update and back up their data every 5 mins :)

  • Reply Walter Akolo2634 days ago

    Wow. I so love the great work you are doing here at Affilorama. This seems like a pretty tight tool. I am still finishing Affiloblueprint and will consider going premium once I start earning from it. I can't wait to test AffiloTools.

  • Reply Darryl Hudson2633 days ago

    This is very exciting news, man o man looking forward to using these new tool guys. Thank you creating these tools AWESOME!

  • Reply James Pruitt2633 days ago

    great job guys. I have loved seeing it all come together.

    One note, really the biggest thing to import from Traffic Travis is your keyword list, which is a simple copy paste to move it over. ( I have already done it for most of my sites, and it took less than 10 minutes to set each one up)

  • Reply Philip Keller2633 days ago

    The affilotools looks very interesting and helpful. Can't wait till it's fully operational and I have my sites established.

  • Reply kinni2632 days ago

    Congrats...for discovering Affilo Tools. Person who is not a premium member, can they use...Affilo Toola?

  • Reply Jonathan Love2631 days ago


    Not at this stage - AffiloTools Beta is only available to Premium members; we will be releasing this software to everyone at some point next year :)

  • Reply pozycjonowanie stron Rzeszów • 2572 days ago

    Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I would like to put in writing like this additionally

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