Interview with Super Affiliate Alex Goad

By Mark Ling
Interview with Super Affiliate Alex Goad


Hey Guys,

A while back I recorded this interview with Alex Goad. It was part of the special bonuses with AffiloBlueprint. In this massive interview (nearly 2 hours!), he reveals his personal tactics for finding profitable niches, increasing traffic and maximizing the monetization and conversion of your sites. He also reveals his amazing methods for getting piles of incoming links to your site thereby ramping up your SEO scores.

This was previously only available as a bonus to those who purchased paid products, I've decided that this interview is just to good to keep hidden!

Listen to my interview with Super Affiliate Alex Goad right here:

Teleseminar download link

Hope you enjoy this jam-packed teleseminar! And be sure to let me know what you think of it in the comments!

Mark Hepi 15 years ago
Awesome Mark Great Stuff!!!!
Wesley Atkins 15 years ago
Excellent interview with Alex, thanks for sharing.
Allan Jones 15 years ago
Thanks for the teleseminar Mark. There was lots of useful info on it.
mel 15 years ago
A very inspiring and informative interview. Alex is brilliant! Yes, I understood everything he conveyed and will implement it.

thank you
Jorge Luis 15 years ago
Great interview Mark!!

Thanks for sharing it for free!
Troy Todd 15 years ago
This is an awsome interview Mark.
Thanks for sharing it.
Brian Mu 15 years ago
can we get this in MP3???

Simon Slade 15 years ago
@getprofits sorry we only have the streaming version available.
15 years ago
Hi Mark I really enjoy your interviews with the guru's but being a man with not the time to listen whenever, Can I download interview with Alex Goad? or any other interview?
If so that would be as great as is your site and service. I Am a newbe and really do appreciate all the information you are so generace to give freely
Cosmo Keenan 15 years ago
sounds like google conquest would be good for SEO for our affilioblueprint review sites - any comments mark?
Carl Masure 14 years ago

This is a fantastic call!! Thanks again for the meat and potatoes. Really enjoyed it.
JC Dean 14 years ago
Listened to this several times. Pure gold!!!
John Caldwell 14 years ago
This may not quite to pertain to the ongoing subject, but I have a real nice website up. It is listed on the first page of google. My question is...I have a capture page on my website, but I never get any hits from the site, just one every so often. Thanks John This is not an affliate site, its another business I have...Its been up for several years now.
Debbie 14 years ago
I'm trying to listen to this interview but can't seem to get it to play. Any ideas? Is it still available to non-premium members? Tx
terry tsournakis 14 years ago
where is the interview? I cannot find a link.
JC Dean 14 years ago
Please fix the link. Recording wont play.
Jonathan Newby 14 years ago
It won't let me listen whats happening???
Jaye Evans 14 years ago
No link here.
Prince Onaolapo Adeyemi 13 years ago
This is one of the best Webcast. Nice Job Mark. Thanks for sharing.
Tetty Mindaria Malau 12 years ago
Mark, I can't find the link?
Hi, how's it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh.
Praveen Arun 11 years ago
Just download them and listen to it :)
Andrea 8 years ago
Info are great, thank you. Nevertheless, you'd better update these interviews: the most links are broken and they refer to products no longer available.
Melissa Johnson 8 years ago
Hi, Andrea!

Thanks for letting us know!