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AffiloTools Easter Egg!

AffiloTools Easter Egg!

Hello all!

Remember those new AffiloTools dashboard redesigns I told you about a few weeks ago?

Just a quick easter egg for your weekend - the first of those design/usability changes is now available!

If you log into AffiloTools, you should see our new, designs in the header navigation and sidebar.

There's still some stuff from the old designs and color scheme which won't change just yet (e.g. the project dropdown), but the sidebar menu should already look better and be more usable!


Get early access to the Beta with an Affilorama Premium Trial; click here to get started

P.S. Did you know: any redesigned part of Affilorama can now be used on a mobile browser? We'll be bringing the same functionality to AffiloTools soon :)

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  • Reply Simon Slade2183 days ago

    Nice work guys! Already looking 5 times better :)

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