Affilotheme Valentines Day Update

By Jonathan Love
Affilotheme Valentines Day Update


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

It's that day of the year to do something for those you love, and for us that's you guys! 

We have some exciting news for you - we've just released a new version of AffiloTheme! Version 4.0.1764 has some new and useful changes you're going to love more than an anonymously delivered single red rose :)

Since the last AffiloTheme release, we've made headers support 960x150 sizing on ALL themes, so you can use them with everything! There's a big reason behind this change, so watch this space! (Hint: it involves Jetpack!)

Along with changes we've also tweaked a few minor things in order to make life even easier for our AffiloTheme users:

  • We've fixed a couple of links in the WordPress header that were reported as "missing"
  • The Popup Squeeze pages are now centred in all browsers
  • Newlines in articles now work correctly in Seventeen Theme. 

So what are you waiting for? You and your content deserve the fastest and easiest way to build a profitable website - you can be up and running within ten minutes! Click here to join the community today!

Until next time!

Brian Edmondson 11 years ago
Great stuff, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve's with JetPack integration.

Richard Ellis 11 years ago
hope we don't have to wait long to find out the jetpack angle
Endy Daniyanto 11 years ago
And as usual with every Affilotheme update something goes wrong on the user's end.

This time my site is slowing down very slow in terms of load time. It was OK before the update.

I am getting used to bugs happening during updates (which is not a healthy habit, actually).

Must schedule the time to clean up and change themes. Also remember to move away from Affilohosting because I suspect they are using white label version of GoDaddy hosting which is notoriously slow.

Jonathan Love 11 years ago

Actually, our hosting is entirely our own. We're aware of the slowdown, though it's actually entirely coincidental with the update.

We're actually upgrading our hosting a bit, to deal with some of the performance issues (specifically both our AffiloTheme hosting, and Affilorama itself, keep getting hit with botnets, which weigh down our traffic), so hopefully you'll see an improvement there.

As for the updates; I recommend you contact our customer support if you encounter issues - we can't really fix issues [and prevent issues in future] if we don't know they're happening.

Anyway, hope things have improved with your site

Rob Sharp 11 years ago
How do I update my current website, with the new theme... without screwing around with the settings.

Is there anything I need to do to make the update seamless, as I have only had trouble in the past when updating and things being changed around.

What do you recommend is the easiest way?