AffiloTheme's (New!) Super Easy Setup

By Jonathan Love
AffiloTheme's (New!) Super Easy Setup


When it comes to software, there's no such thing as "too easy to use".

We're seriously keen about making AffiloTheme the best way to make affiliate marketing websites; we also want it to be the easiest - after all, it doesn't matter if AffiloTheme helps you set up squeeze pages, create awesome custom graphics, and manage your affiliate redirects (it does all those things!) if it's not easy to use!

Today we released a brand new version of AffiloTheme, designed to make it even easier to get started with affiliate marketing.

Here's a quick rundown:

Super Easy Setup

When you first install AffiloTheme, we'll walk you through customizing your color scheme and header, to make your site look 'yours' straight off the bat.

(Bonus: the new designs change 'live', so you can see what they look like everywhere in your website as you go)

Note: If you use AffiloTheme Hosting, where AffiloTheme is automatically installed for you, you will need to log in then visit your new homepage before you can use the setup.

Our brand new three-step setup

Once you're done, simply click on 'Set up my website' - it's that easy!

If you want even more power, you can access AffiloTheme's incredibly powerful design settings (including our awesome Header Creator) after setup.

If you've used AffiloTheme before, or want to cancel the setup, simply click 'Or return to Dashboard'.

Super Easy Launchpad

AffiloTheme now gives you a Launchpad for your most common tasks, to make it easier for you to actually do your day-to-day work, such as writing content, adding your affiliate links, or changing how your site looks - no more rummaging around through WordPress' huge side menu just to do the basic tasks!

The super-simple Launchpad

Psst: did you know AffiloTheme can create "pretty" redirects for your affiliate links? No more - your visitors can just visit And now you can add them straight from your launchpad!

Super Easy Help

With all our big changes, we've completely updated the help videos. If you get stuck, simply click 'AffiloTheme Help' in your top admin bar.

Better help

But if the help videos still don't quite answer your question, our customer support is always happy to help!

Other Fixes

We've also fixed a few bugs:

  • Squeeze Pages weren't formatting correctly
  • Header Creator was incompatible with Windows Server paths

Go get it!

The latest version of AffiloTheme is available now! If you're on our hosting, you've already been upgraded; if you're using AffiloTheme elsewhere, you'll be prompted to update automatically.

And if you don't have it already, maximize profits, wow visitors, impress Google, and build your list fast, using the best system for building beautiful affiliate sites that convert (now quicker and easier than ever)!

 Get the latest version of AffiloTheme


Sveinn Gudmundsson 11 years ago
After uploading, Wordpress says: "Are you sure you want to do this?" - Try again!
anisha ani 11 years ago
Great info :) Thank you for sharing…
Luke Corden 11 years ago
It also warns that customizations will be reset on updating. What customizations is this referring too? Will it basically revert to zero does this just apply to custom css tweaks etc?

Jonathan Love 11 years ago
@Luke: It *will* get rid of Color & Font customizations (same as if you switch between different Affilotheme themes), but shouldn't touch any other settings; and, yes, file customizations will go away.

One thing you can do is use the AffiloTheme import/export function to export the color profile, and then use import afterwards.

And as always I recommend backing up your DB and site (you are doing that regularly, aren't you?)

Contact customer support at [email protected] if you'd like more help or need someone to walk you through the process
Luke Corden 11 years ago
Thanks Johathan

Another theme question you might be able to help me with regards removing the date form posts. Not from in-post. I have managed that via the theme settings. I need to remove the dates from the snippets that feature on the home page.

Example: - the dates that feature here I would like to remove.

I have asked around the forum and it has been passed to support but the question remains unresolved.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again.

Jonathan Love 11 years ago
Hello Sveinn,

Have you contacted customer support?
From the sounds of it, you're trying to upload the affilotheme ZIP to a WordPress site where AffiloTheme is already installed, something WordPress won't allow; instead, you can either:
- Use the internal AffiloTheme updater (AffiloTheme>Update)
- FTP the ZIP to the server, and extract overtop of the old installation in //wp-content/themes/affilotheme_2
- Uninstall AffiloTheme and upload the ZIP

Alternatively, if this is the first time you are installing AffiloTheme and you are getting the issue, your webhost probably has a file size upload limit, which means the ZIP isn't being properly uploaded (a lot of hosts limit to 10Mb, but AffiloTheme is about ~20Mb), in which case you'll need to install via FTP - contact customer support if you'd like to be walked through this :)
Damon Renick 11 years ago
I have had nothing but issues with affilotheme since the update.

I am installing from Cpanel --- then I extract in my themes folder within the wp-admin folder.

When I go to activate the theme in WordPress my screen goes blank and the only thing I see is the address bar. At that point I am stuck. It will not let me go to any menu and will not let me see the theme page to undo or activate a different theme.

Any ideas?

Virginia Ramirez 11 years ago
Question...I purchased affilojetpack couple of years ago and created a site back then with the website templates included with the I am in the process of doing a new one, does the website templates that come with the jetpacks include the newest affilotheme with all the new features and stuff?