AffiloTheme Extreme: Showcasing Your New Theme

By Samuel Frost
AffiloTheme Extreme: Showcasing Your New Theme


Hi guys, how's it going?

In this blog post I'm going to show you even more of the awesome functionality you get with AffiloTheme. Now if you haven't already checked out my site-building with AffiloTheme case study, then I recommend that you read through that first (just to give yourself a good "grounding" for this post). Today I'm going to showcase some more advanced things you can do with AffiloTheme, just to give you a taste for its fantastic power.

Remember to grab your copy of AffiloTheme here before you go any further.

Creating A Squeeze Page

In my last post I showed you just how easy it is to create an awesome opt-in form that can be added to any page or post using a shortcode.

But what if you want to create a squeeze page? The benefit of using squeeze pages for list building is that they don't have as many distractions, so you should experience greater opt-in rates (which means more leads and cash for you)

Here's an example of a great looking squeeze page I built with AffiloTheme:



How professional does that look? You can check out the squeeze page for yourself in full here.

Creating a squeeze page is just as simple as making an opt-in form. You just have a little more flexibility when it comes to adding more content than you would with a sidebar or feature form.

Setting A Popover

Another awesome feature of AffiloTheme is the ability to set any of your squeeze pages, opt-in forms, or sidebar forms as popovers. 

For example, I've taken one of my feature forms (the kind of sign up form that you discretely embed at the bottom of a post or page) and turned it into an excellent popover:


The AffiloTheme popover tool also gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to picking when your popover will display, on which pages, and in what position:



And you can have more than one popover (so you could use a different popover on every post/page, for example). Most popover plugins for WordPress cost a bomb, but you're getting it thrown in for free with AffiloTheme!

Creating A Slideshow

Image slideshows are one of those "eye candy" type of elements that can really add a lot of the WOW factor to your blog. Let me show you how easy it is to add an awesome slideshow into one of my posts using AffiloTheme.

First off, you will need to add a new slideshow:




You then add slides using images from your media library, or you can upload new images:



And once you've added all the necessary images to your slideshow, you can pick different image transition animations, delay times, and presentation options. Then it's just a case of copying your slideshow's unique shortcode ID into your post, and updating/publishing your post.

Here's an example of the slideshow in action (notice the little dots at the bottom of the image, which denote the slideshow's position)


Go here to check out the slideshow in action, and see an exciting video of AffiloTheme being used live.

I love adding slideshows, as they are a really great way of engaging with your audience. Remember that AffiloTheme slideshows can link to affiliate products or other pages (and each image can link to a different location) and you can also set custom sizes for your slideshows.

Time Saving With Packaged Plugins

One of the greatest features of the WordPress platform is the incredible functionality and flexibility that plugins bring. Want to install Google Analytics tracking on your site? There's an abundance of plugins for that. How about adding social sharing functionality for your visitors? You're in luck on that front too!

AffiloTheme comes with a whole bunch of awesome pre-packaged plugins. We've hand picked the best ones for your website that will keep you covered in terms of spam protection, customer contact forms, WSYWIG editing functionality, and more.

And you can install all of them with a couple of mouse clicks:



Empower Your Visitors With Awesome AffiloTheme Widgets

One of the coolest features of AffiloTheme, in my opinion, is the ability to take site customization to the next level with some very useful widgets.

Some of my favorites include:

  • AffiloTheme Tabbed Posts - creates an attractive tabbed posts function that allows visitors to check your latest posts, most popular posts, and comments (including attractive featured images)
  • AffiloTheme Search - add a useful search bar to your site
  • AffiloTheme Tag Cloud - let your visitors navigate by checking your post tags
  • AffiloTheme Featured Content - draw readers' attention to your best or favorite content

You can see the tabbed posts function below, alongside a sidebar opt-in form:



How neat and attractive is that?

The widget functionality in AffiloTheme gives you so much added flexibility when it comes to building a truly awesome website that will bring you profits for years to come.

Building An Attractive Authority Site

Of course, the best feature of AffiloTheme is that it really does make building an attractive authority website easy. If you've ever wanted to build a profitable piece of web real estate, then AffiloTheme is the answer to your prayers. It makes affiliate marketing a whole lot easier, because it takes time and effort out of some of the more difficult affiliate marketing best practices (such as building a list and cloaking your affiliate links)

My Internet Marketing Training For Newbies website has only been up and running for a week, but already it's really taking shape. You can check it out for yourself here - it's the perfect "real world" showcase of just how great AffiloTheme is as a site-building platform.

So if you are serious about making money from affiliate marketing (or from anything involving building profitable websites) then you need to get your copy of AffiloTheme here. You also get some pretty fantastic bonuses thrown in to the mix, so you'd be crazy not to give AffiloTheme a try.

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Remember to leave any comments or questions below.

This is great information you have here. I have very little time to study all..unfortuantly. I'm creating websites of my own and I know this info you have here will be helpful. I just wish I CAN build this whole thing in a day and start making money the next day.
The person who can come up with the 1,2.3 guide would be rich!!
I haven't seen that guide yet. Only the bull that's out there....
Tara Butler 12 years ago
Thanks for the post, Affilotheme is amazing! Just one question, can anyone tell me why all of my subscribe buttons appear to be cut off?
Dave Kendrick 12 years ago
One thing I have noticed since installing Affilotheme is that the page loading of all my sites has slowed down considerably. I was using Magazine basic before and my pages loaded quickly.

Is there anything we can do to speed things up?
marck brown 11 years ago
Hey Dave, use a caching plugin like super cache, and use a cdn server. Cloud-flare is free and easy to set up! That alone made all the difference for me, but cms systems and wordpress themes are generally slower then regular html sites, though they get faster everyday. I see a time in the next 5-10 years where pageload will stop being a factor like it is now anyway.
kea kou 12 years ago
@ Tarab, are you talking at the top right corner? I don't see anything wrong with it. Your page looks really nice btw.
Tara Butler 12 years ago
Thanks a lot MisterKea :) Well, subscribe button on my opt in form on the left sidebar, the popup, and below posts is cut off. Meaning I can't see all of the button.
Tara Butler 12 years ago
Great news...Affilorama support helped and I was able to fix my subscribe button. :))
Tyler Duncan 12 years ago
Thanks for that Sam. Another informative post as I've been wondering about AffiloTheme. Just thought I'd let you know that I picked up on a spelling mistake in the first paragraph of your squeeze page. The first "Your" should be "You are" or "You're."
All the best!
Colin 10 years ago
Hi there.

Is there anyway to add a feature form to the top of a page with the posts underneath, instead of having it in the sidebar?
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago
Hi Colin,

You can place the shortcode of the feature form before the post. If you want the feature form to appear on your frontpage/homepage and have it on top of the posts then you can create a Welcome page that has the feature form shortcode on top of the article.

If you're referring to the feature form appearing on the header or navigation bar, then I'm sorry, there is not possible with the theme at this time.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!