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AffiloBlueprint is Live

AffiloBlueprint is Live

AffiloBlueprint 2.0 is now live!

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  • Reply Eddie Austria3797 days ago

    I'm contemplating whether to buy affiloblueprint or signing up with your premium membership edition. With limited resources, which one should I do first? I'd appreciate all suggestions.

  • Reply Dee • 3797 days ago

    Hi - this is hello and possibly goodbye as i have been trying now for 15 hours to purchase this program thru clickbank and get the reply that 'my order cannot be processed at this time'. I don't know anymore what time is the right time for clickbank. I am quite new to all this and have never purchased anything on the net - have recently aquired a debit card to do so here, but maybe I am doing something wrong. Can SOMEBODY

  • Reply David Neich3796 days ago

    Hi DEE AT,

    The servers crashed in sheer demand for this product. I am new to this as well as you.

    This product has been endorsed by Alan Gardine, WOW, say no more, and Mark is a professional in this arena I know that much, please trust them.

    These melt downs happen due to the demand for the product, and yes a faulty server or other things as well, give it the time that is needed.

    I was short of a just a bit to get this too and that is how it goes, (bloody annoyed though), I have to wait for ages now. I really wanted it before Christmas but hey, have to wait.

    That is the world of being online sometimes. Keep your chin up, keep plugging along, keep optimistic, keep focused.

    Compared to the 40 year plan this is fantastic. Be patient with the process along the way.

    Keep reading and learning and we will be eventually be able to enjoy this great program, all the best.


  • Reply Dee • 3794 days ago

    Hi - Thanks for the reply. Problem has been sorted with clickbank - apologies to them. Is back to the bank I go and having missed out on launch meantime, will just have to be patient and wait a bit longer. Good luck. Dee

  • Reply Joshua Taylor3791 days ago

    Hello Mark, it's Josh...Just stopping by to say that AffiloBlueprint is of top quality and to congratulate you on your success.

  • Reply frank • 3790 days ago

    hi,everybody i'm new to this site,after reading allittle about this and that i would like to ask someone if they can help me with setup something to generate a weekly income for me and the person or persons that can help,to mark ling hope you can read this im not really sure i'm on the wright area to contact mark but if it is,mark i read allittle about affilo blueprint is it possible to get in on that or something like that to generate a weekly income,thank you ,Frank

  • Reply Ahmad Yusuf3785 days ago

    Hi Dee,
    Just remove / delete your cookies, and try to purchase another 1 or 2 days later. I have got same experience before as you with clickbank.

  • Reply Simon Slade3644 days ago

    AffiloBlueprint is launching 6pm EDT Tuesday 28th April 2009. For more information go here: http://www.affilorama.com/affiloblueprint

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