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AffiloBlueprint Extra Bonuses

AffiloBlueprint Extra Bonuses

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, if you missed the live super affiliate strategies webinar that I recorded a couple of days ago, click here to watch it.

Now, I've got some important news.

I've decided to keep the doors open to AffiloBlueprint for an extra 48 hours. That means that instead of closing at 6pm Eastern Time on the 3rd of May, they close at 6pm EDT on the 5th of May instead.

The reason is that I have decided to include some exciting extra bonuses for all members and I want to give more of you a chance to check these out before we close the doors. We do have to close the doors firmly on Tuesday though, so as to take the best possible care of our new customers.

Below are the exciting NEW bonuses which are being added to the product:

Live Webinar - Mark builds one of his sites in front of your eyes ($497 value)

At the request of a lot of members, I've decided to build another website in front of everyone. What you'll get to do is see me putting together a niche affiliate website in front of you (live) and you can ask questions as I go through this process. You'll also get the recordings of this event. I'll even report back a few months later to update you all on my earnings and so forth. I don't know anyone else who is as confident in their methods as I am. I'm happy to build a site in front of you and show you my results because my methods work... period.

Amazing Audio Interviews with Resale Rights

Web 2.0 Cash with Jason Katsenback ($97 Value)

  • Discover Jason mini net dominating system and explode your traffic
  • Find out what the very best Web 2.0 sites are so you can fast track your success
  • Learn the 4 crucial components of copy writing that sells
  • Follow a step by step hand holding example of an expert link building structure
  • Discover how to get stacks of free traffic without even bothering with the search engines
  • Learn a powerful RSS trick that can explode your exposure online&
  • Listen as Jason explains exactly how to conquer one of the fastest growing social sites
  • Learn an incredible keyword research trick that gets Jason on the 1st of Google in 24hrs&
  • Avoid the common mistakes that people make with web 2.0 & save time and money
  • Discover the amazing FREE software that finds targeted blogs for free backlinks
  • Learn how to do professional blog commenting to cash in big time
  • Harness the power of social bookmarking and explode your sites rankings
  • Learn a step by step 4 week master plan for cashing in on web 2.0


Cashing In on Teleseminars with Mark Ling ($97 Value)

  • Discover how teleseminars can explode your conversion rates
  • Discover how Mark Ling made nearly $30,000 on one of his very first teleseminars
  • Learn Mark’s expert tricks for building a targeted email list quickly
  • Learn why you don’t even need a big list to cash in with teleseminars
  • Learn how you can hold teleseminars in any niche and dominate
  • Follow Mark’s step by step examples for exactly where to start and cash in fast
  • Learn how you can find experts to interview with ease
  • Discover how to find products that are launching and rake in huge affiliates sales with a teleseminar
  • Listen to Mark expert advice on exactly how to do a professional teleseminar that converts at incredible rates
  • Find out how Mark is able to come first in affiliate competitions with a relatively small email list
  • Learn how Mark made over $100,000 in a single teleseminar
  • Understand exactly how you go about promoting an upcoming seminars like the pro’s do.

IM Niche Secrets Revealed with Mark Ling ($97 Value)

  • Learn how you can make 6 figures a year in the IM Niche
  • Follow Mark step-by-step plan for generating massive affiliate sales in this niche
  • Avoid the mistakes that stop 90% of affiliates getting a huge slice of this hugely profitable niche
  • Learn the tricks of how you can grab easy commissions fast in this niche
  • Discover how to build a highly targeted email list quickly and make multiple sales to the same people
  • Start using the keywords that Mark reveals to outsmart the competition
  • Discover how a complete newbie went from $0 to $1 million in this niche is 12 months!
  • Find out how to use bonuses to dominate and where to get then with ease
  • Discover why this crazy niche converts at up to $60 a lead compared to most other niches of on $2!!!!!
  • Learn how you can start doing Joint Ventures just like the big guns in a very short time and scale you income out of site!
  • Learn a brilliant Youtube strategy for making easy wins!


So, if you haven't joined AffiloBlueprint 2.0 yet, then the above bonuses are even more reason why you should become a member today. Remember the doors close very soon so you should get in while it's still available.

Also, just a reminder, if you missed the live super affiliate strategies webinar that I recorded a couple of days ago, click here to watch it.

All the best to your continued success!!


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  • Reply mastercands3642 days ago

    Hi Mark.

    This bonus is part of the product? Where can I see the product?


  • Reply mastercands3642 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Is that free for the affilo Blue print members?

  • Reply Mark Ling3642 days ago

    Yes this will be at the bottom of the members area. Details coming in the next couple of days for all members.

  • Reply Michael Joseph Massenburg3641 days ago

    Those sound good. I am still getting over the shock of having spent $197 on something! In the small town where I live in the States, that's the cable, power, and water bill! :-) I live in one of those places where there is nothing but fast food restaurants and factories and no public transportation system. On the plus side, I have already learned some stuff. I have gone through week 1, even though I just joined yesterday. I am doing the homework now. I especially loved the section on how to conduct keyword research. I've been in IM for a little more than a year now and have joined other programs, but I have never seen it broken down like that. I needed that because doing proper keyword research has been a weak point for it. It's not so much wrong as incomplete. I also like how the lessons are set up like you would learn in a classroom. Okay, I gotta go finish my homework now and stuff.

  • Reply Amanda McKenzie3641 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing what the bonuses are : )

  • Reply Mark Ling3641 days ago

    Hi Amandakmck, I've already listed the new bonuses in this post :)

  • Reply James Oliver3641 days ago

    Awesome extras, looking forward to them... though still want to stay focused on the initial spet by step as I am with 2 mini-sites already.... along the plan. But all these bonuses will then allow coming back to the sites once in place and experiment with more new traffic strategies

  • Reply Jeff Baird3641 days ago

    Good Morning Mark:

    Do those who already purchased 2.0 get their hands on these extra's?

    All the best

  • Reply Jeff Baird3641 days ago


    Please disregard my last question. I am so excited about purchasing AffilioBlueprint 2.0 that I failed to read all your responses.

    Have a great weekend

  • Reply Christoph Dollis3641 days ago

    Sounds awesome, Mark. Thank you.

    A quick question. These bonuses look fantastic and are released with Affiloblueprint.

    Would you advise us to integrate them while working with the blueprint, or do that first and add these to our mix later?

  • Reply Amanda McKenzie3640 days ago

    Thank you Mark, the bonuses look great - will have a serious think about it : )

  • Reply Paul Cox3640 days ago

    Mark, what an awesome site, I came over from PLR-PRO PGB Daniel has highly recommended you. I'm looking forward to great growth. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Reply kalyn davis3640 days ago

    Mark, you are an excellent teacher. You explain everything in a clear step-by-step format and it makes sense. American's can understand you very well. :-) Thanks for the Bonus'. I personally can use all the help I can get. I do have a question. Cannot find the WordPress Document that is discussed in Week 3 - Video 2b. Can Anyone tell me where to find it?

  • Reply stefan Vincent3640 days ago

    Hi, Mark
    I've just watched the webminar recording and it really broaden my view regarding affiliate marketing.
    About the article writing on elance.com you've mentioned, do you bought the product for them to write a review or just pay them and have them read the product from somewhere else?

    Have a day full of smile

  • Reply Wendel Rigsby3640 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks so far for a great product in afflioblueprint 2.0 which I purchased on 29th April, 2009. I understand that there are extra bonuses. My question is how do I access them and/or where can I find them they are not beneath the original bonuses with that were included in the afflio product.

    premium member.

  • Reply mastercands3640 days ago

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope that everyone became a part of the premium team because looks like the doors will close tomorrow (Mark... is that true???).

    Well.... i believe that we have several work to perform in this 12 - 16 weeks. Mark... during the training : you will perform other webinairs for the subscribers?

    now I am figuring out how to deal with the elance.com (I dont know how to draw sites). But my wife is taking the : Professional Certificate in Web Design) . Maybe in 2 weeks she could help me in some questions.

    I think what convince me to join this course was the following points:
    - Mike webinair;
    - The logic of the site (its a portal);
    - The simplicity of the site;
    - Amit interview;


  • Reply Robertino Waarde3640 days ago


    Because you are putting yourself slowly out of business, by educating your competition and giving them freebies, I offer you a sleeping place, food, and drinks. You already paid for it. :p
    Just let me know by email before they cut off your internet connection.

    Seriously though, good to hear that you're going live again.
    I probably will not be able to make it though, because you guys are currently 10 hours ahead of us.
    Looking forward to the recordings.


  • Reply Carol • 3640 days ago

    hello again Mark !!!
    As always,you are coming up with the best.Amazing still and keep on going.

    Congrats !!!

    Your friend,Carol (zoofer)

  • Reply Steve Hazle3636 days ago

    hello Mark
    was there a section for understanding clickbank sign up and clickbank hoplink

  • Reply Jeremy Crutchfield3636 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I am having trouble finding these bonuses. Have they been posted yet? Thanks in advance!

  • Reply mark keeler3636 days ago

    I am excited to see you open up the opportunity for others to follow. When will you open the doors again?


  • Reply Mark Ling3635 days ago

    JRyan421: The extra bonuses will be made available at the end of the month (as stated inside the AffiloBlueprint members area at the bottom of the page).

    MWKeeler: We haven't decided yet. We want to take the best possible care of the new members first.

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