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Introducing AffiloBlueprint

Introducing AffiloBlueprint

** Note: AffiloBlueprint 2.0 is launching on 28th April 2009. For updates you can follow AffiloBlueprint on Twitter **

Hi Guys,

I've got some really exciting news. I've been busy recording myself building an affiliate website from scratch in front of a live audience.

It is already earning over $500 a week which is great. And the great news for you is that I'm going to be selling the videos of this as a home study course.

There are over 16 hours of step-by-step videos where you get to watch me build a profitable website from scratch and follow along yourself as you build your own highly profitable website.

You can build dozens of these in any niche. Heck I've made loads of affiliate sites in my time and am now earning 7 figures every year.

Here's a great preview video for you, make sure you watch it, and you should be very excited about this as it is very much newbie proof!

Access AffiloBlueprint Here


Mark Ling

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  • Reply Billy Lockwood3811 days ago

    looks real good just wondering wat sort of time frame before you started to see income and any idea on what the launch price will be?

  • Reply edc • 3811 days ago

    Is $500/week net profit or revenue? How much do we have to spend to make $500/week?

    From Affilorama: This is net profit. The amount you spend really does depend on the individual but you could spend $500 for example and expect to get $1000 back in return.

  • Reply Tammy • 3808 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Just wondering if you need to sign up somewhere to get on the list for the blueprint.


    From Affilorama: Sign up here: http://www.affilorama.com/affiloblueprint

  • Reply Harry Luk3803 days ago

    hey mark,

    i bought the affilo blueprint and i am really excited!!! however, can i download those videos? i mean, after paying the dues, shouldn't we have the right to own those videos?

    thanks for that!


  • Reply Billy Lockwood3798 days ago

    you can download all the videos and notes

  • Reply Sarah Giniedabi3790 days ago

    Hey Mark, thanks for a great course, i'm really enjoying it.

    i agree with the above comment, i've been trying to download the videos too, and i couldn't, this is something i expected to be able to do when i bought affiloblueprint. please help.


  • Reply Mark Ling3783 days ago

    Hi, yes you have download access too.


  • Reply Larry • 3777 days ago

    Hello Mark, from the great state of TEXAS, USA
    Heard about your course! Really like your one-on-one idea with your students through your new video Blueprint course...it's as close as one can get to you being there. I haven't seen any other programs like it out there, and I've seen ALOT, beleive me. I'm excited and wanted to know about when you will be opening the program back up.

    Larry B.

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