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Affiliate Strategies and FTC Tips Webinar

Affiliate Strategies and FTC Tips Webinar

Hey Guys,

I've just finished recording a live webinar entitled "Affiliate Strategies and FTC Tips".

I've prepared a lot of killer information for you in this webinar so make sure you take the time to watch it.

Below are just some of the things I will be shared:

  • An amazing email marketing trick that I use to increase my affiliate commissions by 50-100%
  • How to make your affiliate sites FTC compliant (new rules are coming into effect December 1 so you need to be aware of what to do
  • My new secret tool for building incoming links from trusted websites such as .edu and .gov domains (this will help you in your search engine rankings)
  • Plus how to get high search engine rankings, mindset tips, and more.

Click here to watch the webinar replay

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  • Reply Ihorro • 3380 days ago

    Is it for the blind? (audio only)

  • Reply Joan Stalker3379 days ago

    This was a fantastic webinar, Mark. Great value as usual!

  • Reply Martin • 3378 days ago

    Hi Mark!

    Will you be uploading a recording of this webinar aswell?

    i consinered joining this webinar but since it started at 2am my local time, i felt i best get some sleep instead :)

  • Reply John E Payton Jr 3378 days ago

    Is it neccesary to have your own web site or can i create an ad with a link to the vendors site?

  • Reply Franck Silvestre3378 days ago

    Hey Martin,

    Mark already send an email with the recording.

    The email marketing trick was really great.


  • Reply paulj3377 days ago

    Hi Mark
    In both this and the Vegas webinar, you come across as a genuine person. Even the little hiccups, like running out of battery power for your laptop helps to show that you are not a hyped up marketer.

    Others have commented on the mindset, so I would just like to share two quotes, nothing to do with affliate maketing but showing the universality of what you have said: " The future depends on what we do in the present" Mahatma Gandhi and " There are two mistakes one can make along the way to the truth - not going all the way and not starting" Buddha

  • Reply jeff • 3376 days ago

    A Few corrections I would please like to mention , I have heard from lawyers that have FTC experience ..
    The $ 11 thousand dollar fine is Per Incidence , meaning if you send out thousands of e-mails that have many buying customers , And the FTC says your offer is fraudulent or misleading advertisement , Than you can be fined 11 thousand dollars for EACH customer that the FTC can prove purchased from you.
    Also the FTC can confiscate your bank accounts , 1000 dollars or 10 million dollars, does not matter .
    And they do not have to prove any thing before they confiscate your money , you have to prove you are not guilty.
    I disagree in one respect , the FTC is not just some benevolent origination Just looking out for the public good , In many ways They like the IRS have unlimited power to destroy you , even if they make a mistake you are screwed,, and they do make mistakes .
    They are not about to admit a mistake on any case that has attracted any Press what so ever ..

  • Reply Robert Metras3375 days ago

    Thanks Mark. Helpful as usual. My post below comes from the Horse's mouth so as to speak and it complements our training here.

    http://www.whatsmyspin.com/ftc-rules-for-marketers-made-easy/ and I think the content here is good. It is a webinar between Jim Edwards and Richard Cleleand of the Federal Trade Commission

  • Reply ed mason3371 days ago

    I listened to most of the interview between Edwards and the FTC director. From what I could tell, the new compliance rules clarify some of the truth in advertizing rules that have been in effect for a long time.

    If you purposely mislead or confuse your customers, then depending upon how many complaints are lodged against you and how severe your actions have been, then the FTC may come after you in a big way.

    That being said, yes the FTC is part of the US government which inherently is a mass of red-tape! They can and do make mistakes. The director point blank said that they are looking for those who are always over the line.

    The bottom line, if you act in an ethical manner, can prove testimonials you use are real, tell customers when someone is being compensated for a testimonial, use up-to-date testimonials, and use disclaimers then you should be fine.

  • Reply Shalisha Alston3365 days ago

    Although I got Google Slapped, I still believe the FTC rules make alot of sense. It does level the playing field for all.

  • Reply Michael Podgoetsky3363 days ago

    I loved the webinar.Your system becomes better and better, I enjoy being part of this setup.There is so much that one could use, is just fantastic.

    Kind regards


  • Reply onlinehealthmedicine • 2943 days ago

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