Affiliate Sales Videos – How to convert great sales using online video

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Affiliate Sales Videos – How to convert great sales using online video


The following guest blog post is from Alen Sultanic:

Hi Affilorama blog readers,

Let ME ask YOU a simple question....

 “What if you could create a quick 5 minute video that could potentially change everything you know about making money as an affiliate?”

Take a moment, and think about that...and if your reply is,  “Sure Alen, let’s hear it”...then here it is.

You see, I’ve done pretty well with what are now known as “sales videos."

What I’ve learned is pretty amazing, and I’ll share that with you right now - you can use sales video to sell a ton of stuff as an affiliate!

I’ve got a killer little formula that just about anyone could use, and here’s how it works.

My affiliate sales video formula:

It has three parts - the open, the middle, and the close.

The open

When you create a video, first need to know exactly what the end user wants and be able to deliver that to them.  And not only must increase the value of that particular want in their eyes.

So my favorite opening is “The #1 secret to”.....and so for example, when you start a open with “Hey, here’s the #1 secret to training your pet poodle in 3 days (or less) using an unconventional technique that few people will ever know about”.

Mentioning that your method is unconventional, or that few people know about this method increases the number of people who will watch your video by a lot.

The middle

Then you go on to the middle with a story of how you tried various pet poodle training methods, nothing worked - until you stumbled upon the #1 secret that you’re now going to share with them.

This should go for 1 to 2 minutes, your job here is to empathize with your target audience.

The close

Then on the close, you say something along the lines of...”Alright, now if you were to go hire a professional trainer for your poodle, you’d have to pay up to $300 per’d have to drive out there, wait, spend time, and it might or might not work”...

...You continue with...

“But now, just click this link here, and you’ll be taken to a page to discover the #1 secret to training your pet poodle”.

Give some exciting bullet points from the sales page of the product you are promoting in order to entice people into the benefits of this product.

Then tell them once more to click your link below the video.

See that? It’s super easy, and it’s super effective.

I recommend that you use powerpoint to record the slides for your video, or you can record it using a flip cam or a Kodak Zi8 camera if you are happy to have your face on camera. Use camtasia to record the video.

This is the best way for someone just starting out with sales video to quickly and easily implement this super effective strategy and I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

Kind regards,

Alen Sultanic

Alen Sultanic is a legendary underground internet marketer who generated millions online for himself and his clients - you can learn more from him at

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ReginaM Scott 14 years ago
i am deaf mother and ready for job support ur business
Kenny 14 years ago
Thanks alot Alen. You posted this just at the right time. I was actually looking and going to post a new thread asking others there strategy in sales video.

Thanks again!!
Much success!!

Kenny :)
jimmy 14 years ago
Nowadays people prefer the audio visual format compared with written format.Audio visual format is more lively where we can see and hear what it's been presented to us.Compared with long sales letter which is very boring, where you need to read 15-20 pages.And its quite expensive to hire a copywriter to write it for you.

Video is the in thing at the moment.That's why a lot of IM people are starting to use video marketing/sales video to do their marketing.

Very informative post.
Joe Wa 14 years ago
May be less sophisticated than
- the Video Boss intro vids (from Andy Jenkins) or
- the How to Get Your Point Across to Any Personality Type by Answering 4 Simple Questions (from Traffic Geyser)

but I assume it can work also & this time w/ a lesser cost.

Thx Alen for this inspirational post!
John Doe 13 years ago
Hay Alen

I found some nice tips to get started for my campaigns.