How to add another domain to your hosting

By Simon Slade
How to add another domain to your hosting


The great thing about many of the web hosting packages you'll find, is that they allow you to host multiple domains on the one hosting account. This means that you don't need to buy separate hosting for each and every one of your domains, saving yourself between $4 - 20 a month.

Every little bit helps!

But the big question is... how do you add another domain? It's not as obvious as it sounds!

First things first... you need to have purchased the domain. It won't work if you don't own it just yet! So go out and grab that domain from your registrar of choice. We recommend or for purchasing domain names.

I'm going to demonstrate using the cPanel on my HostGator account. Many web hosts provide cPanel on their accounts, because it makes administration tasks more user friendly, so even if you're not using HostGator you can probably follow this method too. You can usually access your cPanel by going:

http://www.EXAMPLE.COM/cpanel/ (Where "" is your own website)

You'll be asked to log in: Use the login name and password that your hosting company gave you when you signed up for their hosting.

The next part is pretty easy. Just scroll down the page until you see something that looks like this:

Click on "Addon Domains"

You'll see a pretty intimidating looking form that you have to fill in. Luckily, most of it gets automatically filled in. All you really have to do is enter the domain name you'd like to add (into the top box, where I've written "") and the next two boxes will be automatically filled for you. Easy peasy!

Now just choose a good password for yourself. (it can be the same as the password for your main account... it's only really needed if you're going to be FTPing directly to this location, and most of the time you can just connect to your main site and navigate your way to the location yourself anyway.)

Click "Add domain"

It might take a little while for the next screen to show up... have patience! You'll soon see a message saying that your domain has been added.

But you're not finished just yet!

The next step is to link your domain with your hosting by setting your nameservers.

That sounds painful, but it basically just means that you're linking your hosting and your domain name together. You might think that you've already done that in the previous step, but there are TWO parties involved in this business: Your domain name, and your hosting. You need to tell both of them that they're going to be shacking up together.

So far we've informed the hosting. Now you need to tell the domain name about it's new partner!

We've actually created a video on this in Affilorama... you can check it out here.  Make sure you perform this step though! It won't work without it!

Once you've performed this little step... you won't be able to go to your domain straight away. It takes a little while for the rest of the internet to learn about this new relationship, (between 4 and 24 hours) and if you try to access it before then you'll just be told that the domain doesn't exist. Have patience! It will be done!

How to upload things to this new domain

You might be wondering how to actually get your content onto this new website. The If you're using an FTP program like FileZilla, the easiest way is to just navigate into the right directory when you connect to your site. Inside your public_html folder you'll see a new folder called "". (Except it'll be the name of your new domain.) This is the content for your website! Just double-click on the folder to open it, and you can upload things into it like normal!

SpeedOnlineWealth 15 years ago
I was just wondering how to do this and now it's wonderfully clear! Thank you. I'd like to add that there can be a considerable amount of time between purchasing a domain and when it's fully ready to go. I wrote a blog post on this time lag and invite people to check it out. :)
Kaye Fenley 15 years ago
Does the hosting company charge more money for another domain , if you create a website fore it?

I've been wondering about using a subdomain. So far I found out that the subdomain name can be first and then the domain name. I wanted a domain name that is taken. I believe that I CAN use it as a subdomain name.
ecoanne 15 years ago
Thank you soooo much for this informative article. It was just what I wanted when I needed. It would be great if, some day, someone will write down all these 'little' things that get many of us so screwed up. Thanks again.

PS Send some sunshine to the UK, please! 15 years ago
@kaye - you can only use the subdomain name if you own the main domain name e.g. you cant have instead of using subdomains i prefer to use folders e.g. instead of, ill use
Kathaleen Dunford 15 years ago
Is it possible to explain how to set up email accounts for our domains and have them work with Outlook, please?
Steve 15 years ago
Excellent explanation, dude. Clear, concise, well laid out and readable. Saved me a load of hassle - I was ripping my hair out trying to do this by using the 'Parked Domains' button. Keep up the good work.
Jinaoceasia 15 years ago
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Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago

I just stumbled across this and after reading several posts this past week - some asking how to add another domain to your hosting - I thought this might be really beneficial to many.

Ronald Spurway 14 years ago
Hello, with my web hosting company it doesn't have the option to add on a domain, it only has the option of parked domains. So i dont know what to do???
car repair manua 14 years ago
I will try it step by step, and hoped I did not get into trouble. thanks for your info
kawaii 14 years ago
Thanks for this.. Ive been searching on how to add domain in my hosting. Im done with the adding part and nameservers.

Im just wondering how to create a new wordpress site with the new domain I just added?
Andrew Pupols 14 years ago
Great post it really, it show nicely how to add a domain. In Hostgator Account there are also videos how to add a new domain, but that in that video they dont say where to add the nameservers.
I usually add the nameservers in the domain registrar website and then go to hosting account to add the domain.
kris 14 years ago

Just wanted to ask, what if the domain you are trying to add as an add-on domain is already registered?

I'm trying to transfer one domain to another host. Unfortunately, it would give me an error that it can't be created. Well, obviously since it's already existing.

any advice?

Katie 14 years ago
Very helpful, thanks. It all seems kind of obvious now, but Hostgator is not always too clear, and I was struggling to this. This post made it really easy!
narnia 13 years ago
nice, love this blog, how do I subscribe
13 years ago
I know the basics to add a new domain.

But let's say I have set up a new domain for another person.
Will it be possible for that person to password-protect that domain (ie.subfolder) for ftp alone?

In other words, that domain is open to all, but only the ftp is protected.
I am still struggling along.
webitbgroup 13 years ago
how can do redirect, actully my website i hv hosting domin bigrock, i want to host new domain on qxhost can you explain how to add another domain plz mail me i will waiting your mail.
damon seolvatore 11 years ago
there are a lot of points to be considered in finding a good hosting provider but i have i have learned one thing that is so important, it is not to choose a hosting provider that would require you to put your domain name under their name because it can surely cause you trouble. Philwebservices