8 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

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8 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success


The following blog post is a guest post by Raianne.

You may have heard about people earning seven figures or more a year—sometimes even a month—from affiliate marketing. By seven figures, we mean a million dollars or more. While many affiliate marketers earn only a few dollars a month as residual income, some experienced ones earn full-time salaries and a few others earn a fortune. 

There are those who fail in affiliate marketing while there are many others who succeed. Those who do not succeed fall short in giving enough value to the products they sell, or worse, they never really start doing it. Those who succeed take their chances and effectively show value in their products, thus convincing potential buyers to make a purchase. 

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice that promotes web products through advertising and rewards online publishers with a hefty commission for each viewer or customer. It is considered to be one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online. 

This article will teach you how to start creating a passive source of income through affiliate marketing. 

1. Choose Your Niche

All niches come with sales opportunities. Stick with one that you already know about. By doing so, you cut down on research and make it easier to establish yourself as an expert.

2. Open an Account with an Affiliate Marketing Website

ClickBank, Ebay and Commission Junction are just some of the websites that offer affiliate sales programs. 

3. Learn about the Different Types of Affiliate Programs

Make use of sites like Affilorama to learn about the different types of programs such as pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-action. Find out which types of affiliate programs offer the best potential profit.

4. Create a Website or Blog that You Will Use to Promote Products

Although it is possible to start earning through affiliate marketing without having your own blog or website, affiliate marketers are usually more productive when they provide a landing spot for potential buyers. 

5. Make Sure that Your Blog Looks Professional

Purchase a domain name from a hosting provider and focus on your web design and engineering. Pay attention to the use of colors and ease of navigation. Some affiliate marketing companies do not take in affiliates until their websites are approved, so having a professional-looking website is of utmost importance. 

6. Develop Content that Is Relevant to the Products You Sell

Aim to be an authority on the niche you choose. Remember that the lifeblood of your blog or website is your content, so make it your highest priority. Hire a freelance content writer if you must. 

7. Promote Your Website or Blog

Promote by posting on forums, using social media and doing on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Hiring an SEO specialist may be a good idea. 

8. Start Earning!

Some affiliate marketing sites pay through PayPal and other online payment facilities. Others mail paper checks or pay through direct bank deposits. 

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Matthew Neer 10 years ago
Great outline of the basics amigo!

Would love to hear more about how you promote your blog after you publish content.
Trevor Schain 10 years ago
Make sure to utilize email capture (pop up or widgets) on your blog. A strong email strategy, along with your blog's content, will seriously help you monetize your traffic. You're missing out on a huge opportunity if you don't capture your visitors emails. Make sure to include an offer, free download, whitepaper, etc.
Neeraj Sharma 10 years ago
Nice Post on Affiliate Marketing. But to get some Affiliates you need to have blogs that are also having good page rank and traffic as well.
Nidhi Lakkol 10 years ago
To start with, one need to learn the basics of blogging and its promotion on the web to get good ranking in google and other search engines. Its really easy to learn these with Affilorama. One can make a lot of money online with blogging.