6 Ways to Consistently Grow High-Quality Traffic to your Site

By Jason Acidre
6 Ways to Consistently Grow High-Quality Traffic to your Site


Building stable traffic to a website is one of the most important processes in Internet Marketing - this is where websites are able to generate leads to their businesses, whether it’s through traditional link building, paid advertisements, social media or content marketing.

Gauging the scalability of each method that you’ll choose to implement is as crucial as the actual website marketing - some techniques may not work effectively or be better suited to other (less exciting) niches.

There are so many ways to drive traffic to websites and it’s essential to evaluate each method’s capability, particularly with the types of visitors that they can specifically target. Below are some of the ways that can help improve and grow your site’s traffic:

Constant production of highly linkable content

Publishing pages or blog posts that have potential of going viral, and can manage to acquire natural links, can generate extremely high-quality traffic to your site. How well content can attract links depends on aspects such as:

  • Usefulness of content (highly informative, a how to, tutorials, free tools, etc…)
  • Design (images, infographic, site/page layout)
  • Length of content (longer content is more likely to be bookmarked and shared)
  • Approach of the content (encyclopedic, humorous, entertaining, etc…)

Continuously add pages on your site that can be relevant and useful to your possible readers or visitors to generate more organic traffic, as these pages can naturally rank for long-tail keywords on search engines, especially if they are well-optimized and you have acquired links directing to these pages.

It’s best to target easy-to-rank keywords by including it on the content’s title page and URL. You can also tailor the content to strictly pertain to the targeted keyword(s), to enhance its chances of being returned by search engines on their top result pages.

Link out to influential people in your niche through socially engaging content

Most people who are active on the web are more likely to share and link to content that mentions them. Creating posts or pages that will involve and attract other known entities in your niche, by linking out to them, will improve your site’s visibility, as your content has a chance of being shared by well-recognized people in your industry.

Several forms of content that can easily include links to external resource pages/sites:

  • Crowdsourcing – collect answers from industry experts to give solution to a certain problem. 
  • Curating blog roundups –list links to recent industry news and blog posts.
  • Thematic resources – a type of post that lists resourceful links, which are all related to a certain topic (e.g. 100 link building resources)
  • Interviewing industry experts and publishing it on your site’s blog.

It’s also important to notify them once your content is live and that you have linked out to them – through email or by mentioning it them on Twitter – in this way, you are also able to connect, as well as build, relationships with influencers in your industry, which can eventually lead to more high value links in the future.  

Network with other bloggers

Connecting with bloggers in your industry is a good way to enhance your work’s social visibility; it can create a lot of linking opportunities for your site, as they may voluntarily share your content to their followers and own networks.

Building a relationship, and reaching out to other bloggers, is commonly initiated by regularly following their blog, leaving sensible comments on their posts, sharing their content on social networks or by dropping a personal email and letting them know how much you have appreciated their work. Build conversations!

Leaving compelling remarks on others’ works will usually entice them to visit your site. That’s why it’s extremely vital to provide high-quality content on your end, to give them a good reason to explore more of your site and possibly share and link to your pages.  

Focus more on marketing your high-utility pages than your homepage

Most website owners and link builders tend to prioritize linking and promotions to their site’s homepage, and less on their site’s inner pages. However, when it comes to link placement requests, inner pages that contain useful information have higher response and success rates, as these pages are offering more (real) value for the trade, particularly when requesting for resource type links.

Besides increasing your chances of getting your requests approved, using your crafted content as your value proposition for your email-outreach campaign to acquire links has other advantages as well: 

  • Building more quality links to your site’s inner pages (deep links) can improve the site’s domain authority, TrustRank and PageRank flow, which can in turn help both your site’s old and new pages to rank highly on SERPs for their targeted search terms (and that clearly means more natural and organic traffic to your site).
  • Inner pages can obtain higher search rankings(especially for difficult keywords) as you consistently grow the incoming links directing to it. Higher search rankings means you’ll be able to generate more high-quality traffic from search engines.
  • High quality pages, that you’ll be able to promote well, are strong indication of linkability, which of course can attract more natural links when further promoted through other marketing channels such as social media, information-driven link building or paid advertisements.
  • Useful content have higher conversions – especially if these pages have used strong calls to action.

Here are several ways to promote your highly resourceful content:

  • Promote your useful content by answering relevant questions posted on forum threads and Q&A sites, and then link to your content as the original source of your contribution or to direct readers who might seek for more in-depth information about the subject.
  • Use paid services from StumbleUpon Ads or Facebook Ads to promote your content, as most users from these two social networks are keener with what they are seeing.
  • Perform a Twitter-outreach campaign by sending requests to people who might be interested to share your content (personal networks, bloggers in your field, people you have mentioned within the content, etc…), which can help boost its search rankings by sending social signals to search engines - this may also generate traffic to your content as it gets shared socially.
  • Build support pages to promote the content through blog posts internally/thematically linking to it or through guest blog posts on other websites that will contextually link to it.   
  • Set up Google Alerts for your resourceful content’s keywords to automate link prospecting (e.g. setting up an alert for “link building resources”, “link building forum”, “link building question”, etc…).

Identify pages that are consistently generating organic traffic

Observe pages and keywords that are sending traffic to your site, and their activity once they are on your site, by studying your site’s most visited pages, amount of traffic generated by their keyword(s) and the percentage of bounce rates of your high performing pages through Google Analytics.  

Once you have determined the pages that are capable of bringing high-quality traffic to your site, you can then improve them by:

  • Improving the internal links pointing to your high performing pages (using highly descriptive anchor text or the keywords that they are already ranking for).
  • Re-optimizing the page by updating the content or by making the content more comprehensive in detailing the subject or its targeted search term.
  • Acquiring quality links from other websites directing to it.
  • Building relevant support pages that target the same search terms, and internally linking to it (highly recommended if the targeted search term has large amount of monthly search volume).
  • Improving the content’s call to action by directing readers to your preferred landing pages.

Take advantage of your marketing’s momentum

Determine your site’s highest source of traffic – when you already have a steady flow of traffic – and take note of the reasons why you are receiving traffic from them (e.g. you are ranking for several keywords, you automate your tweets, you have a guest blog post on example.com, etc…) and continuously improve them by accelerating the methods you have previously done to achieve those results.

And when you experience a sudden spike in traffic, it’s best to immediately identify the major source of that traffic boost, so you can accumulate the same or a better amount in the future. Take advantage of these events by enhancing your methods in capturing emails or subscriptions, as it can help in generating second-time visitors when you need them (perhaps when you launch a product or start to offer services).    

Take the time to contact and thank the sites that have sent substantial traffic to your site (on sites that you have asked for a link, blogs you have commented on or sites that voluntarily linked to you), because it might just open more link opportunities for you.

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Moreover, social media promotion put a great impact on website traffic, is you choose your niche market.