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3 Good Reasons to try iWriter

3 Good Reasons to try iWriter

Hey everyone,

I hope you've had a great start to your week!

I've recorded a video for you today where I show you a peek inside my iWriter account, and I also talk about 3 reasons why you may wish to try iWriter's new article writing service.

To watch the video, click here

In short, those reasons are:

1. To make money by writing articles for other people. You can log in at any time and start writing articles for other people and make some extra pocket money. You won't get rich as an article writer at iWriter, but it can be helpful for making some extra money to cover some bills and so forth.

2. It's a great place to go to get inexpensive articles written that are returned to you extremely quickly. It has a lot of advantages over Upwork and you'll see why when you watch my short video where you'll see inside my iWriter account and see me posting an article to get written.

3. All articles come back in spin-ready format, which is great for link building as you can generate several unique versions of your articles or submit the spin-ready code when submitting your articles to blog networks for link building (e.g. www.amautomation.com etc).

If you're looking for a link directly to the iWriter website, click here to check out iWriter.

I think iWriter is ideal for getting articles written that you wish to use for link building purposes.

If you're looking for 'white copy quality' articles for your own website and/or newsletters, then you'd be better off posting a project to Upwork, getting writing samples and choosing a writer based on that (it'll probably cost $15 to $25 per article for a top writer). However, like I just said (and I also mention in my video where you see a sample of the writing quality), if you're looking for 'reasonably good articles' that can be written for you fast, and at a cheap rate, then iWriter is ideal. 

Try it out, even if you just get a $3 article written to test it (though I'd recommend you spend $5 and get a higher quality article written to test it out). I'm keen to hear your comments below.

Have a great day,

Mark Ling


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  • Reply jessie-o • 3656 days ago

    Thanks Mark! Appreciate the video. Looks like this could be a good service, as you've said, for getting inexpensive articles written for back linking purposes. I'll give them a try.

  • Reply Wendy Owen • 3656 days ago

    Sorry Mark, I' am going to have to disagree with you on this one. I trid this service and got 2 articles written. They were so bad I had to trash them. They were from 2 different writers. Never again!

    Mark Ling3656 days ago

    Hey Wendy, did you use the quality writers? ie $5 per 500 word article, or did you go with the less expensive $3 per 500 word articles?

    I guess with only having 2 articles written it's hard to draw a conclusion, though so far from my use of this service, the articles have been quite a reasonable quality (I may have had different writers than you did) and I used them for link building purposes (ie not a super high quality for use on my own websites, but not exactly bad either and useful enough for article and blog network link building)

    Mark Ling3656 days ago

    It also helps if you fill in the article purpose and any special instructions you may have, as that can help the writer if you give them tips (and can also make some writers stay away from the article). Also, you have the right to refuse the article that gets submitted to you, so if you receive something you don't like, you just hit the 'reject' button, and someone else will write the article for you.

    Brad Callen • 3654 days ago

    Hi Wendy, it all depends on how you use iWriter. With 2 sides to iWriter, there will be some bad writers that sign up and "try" and write articles for requesters. That's why we have the "reject/approve" system in place. If you get a bad article, reject it, pay nothing... and then it's placed right back into the queue for someone better to write. It's not possible to pay for an article you don't like. Also, like Mark mentioned, if you don't want to mess with the potential of a bad writer picking up your request, simply submit to "top writers only" and only writers with 20+ reviews and a minimum of a 4 star rating will ever see your project. This guarantees you get a good writer writing for you. Lastly, once you find a good writer, KEEP them and submit projects to only them. Hope that helps.

  • Reply Kristle Yeoh3656 days ago

    Thanks mark for your helpful sharing!

  • Reply brenda parkerson3656 days ago

    This is exactly what I'm looking for. An inexpensive article writing and spinning service for backlinking. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  • Reply Amara Foroutan3655 days ago

    I had bad experience first time with iwriter. I had 5 articles written for me, all were so bad and useless. The writers spun all articles, and for haven sake, they didn't proof read them - I took it as an insult. All were so bad that I cannot make correction or rewrite them. It's beyond low quality. I made a mistake by used automatic approval as suggested in the tutorial video. They may have good writers, if anyone wants to use it, DO NOT USE AUTO APPROVAL option. You don't have to pay if you don't approve it. As Mark suggested, use high quality writers. The thing is Iwriter got a quick turnaround assignment - one day. I used other services before; it took about more than one week to get the result.

    Mark Ling3655 days ago

    Yeah, I never use autoapproval now, but the main thing is to only use the quality writers, which means it is $5 per 500 word article instead of $3. Otherwise it is very much moreso hit and miss.

    Mark Ling3655 days ago

    You can also specify which writer you want to write for you. You'll receive the article back a little slower, but if you don't mind waiting a couple of days it could be worth it. You may wish to try the 'top writers' listed on their main page of their website.

    Brad Callen • 3654 days ago

    Hi, we completely removed auto-approval about a week ago. The iWriter today is MUCH MUCH different than the iWriter 2 weeks ago. We've done so many positive enhancements that I strongly urge you to give it another shot. Some of the things that have changed are: 1. Done away with auto-approval. Now it's impossible to pay for an article you don't like. If you don't like it, reject it and a better writer will write it. You pay zero until you're happy. 2. Any writer with repeated negative reviews is automatically banned from the website. This really cuts down on the few bad writers that sign up. 3. We added the ability to submit to "only top writers". When you do this, only writers with 20+ reviews and no lower than a 4 star rating will even see your request. Anyway, like I said, the iWriter today is completely different than the iWriter 2 weeks ago... or even 1 week ago for that matter. We're adding feature requests constantly and I strongly urge you to give it another shot. I'm confident your opinion will change. Thanks

  • Reply jon moulder3655 days ago

    Thanks Mark,

    Just about to get a couple of trial articles written by them, will let you know how I get on.

  • Reply 3655 days ago

    Thank you for sending email about this information. I will try it out. Hopefully it value for my money!

  • Reply stephen emm3655 days ago

    I've used them - I generally found them fast and pretty good. As with most outsourcing work though - the more you can nail your requirements to the wall - the less variable the results. There are some out-and-out stinkers too though. Definitely agree that the "auto approve" option should be off - had one scoundrel try to submit absolute garbage (twice!) - they have a handy "ignore this author in future" feature which was a pleasure to use in his/her case!

    Brad Callen • 3654 days ago

    Thanks Stephen. There actually isn't even an auto-approve option anymore. We removed it. And, also, glad you noticed the "ignore this author" feature. We're adding more to that today. You'll see it on your profile page.

  • Reply Carl Masure3655 days ago

    Hey Mark,

    Great find and I really appreciate you finding inexpensive ways for me to outsource my business!! So, I submitted 3 keywords and am waiting. I will post a review when I get the articles.

  • Reply Charles Helton3652 days ago

    Hi Mark I took your tip and gave iwriter a try, I must say the results are mixed. The first 4 articles were good thelast 2 not what I was expecting in fact below par.

  • Reply Leon Partridge3651 days ago

    I tried out iWriter before I even found this post. As Mark said the trick is to pay the extra 50 cents or whatever and click on 'only the best writers'. I initially had 4 articles done by 4 different writers just to be able to spin for article submission. 3 were good and one was really bad. I disapproved the one and without even questioning they immediately had someone else write a good article.

    The main thing I do like is now I have one writer I ask for cause he is really good. He just wrote me 2 high quality 800 word articles that I am putting on my sites.

  • Reply ian Jenkinson3650 days ago

    Really good informative post.This came at the right time.
    I will definitely be giving this a try as I need some articles written.

    Thanks a lot,


  • Reply MIKEJ3070 • 3650 days ago

    Hi Mark!
    I really enjoyed your video on iwriter. And I hope to become one of the greatest iwriter writers as a trained freelance writer.
    I'm very happy.

  • Reply Guy Nadeau3647 days ago

    I think their service is really fast.

    And yes you can have some bad apples in the basket, but I had some relatively good articles written. And the good thing is that you can choose if you want the article or not before the time delay is up.

    So for me it's a good service. It spares me a lot of time and take off a lot of pressure beside having to go to my regular job.

  • Reply John Reason3643 days ago

    Will try it out. Article prices have been getting expensive.

  • Reply Eric Moore • 3629 days ago

    I tried 5 articles and checked only the best writers. I ended up rejecting 2 of the 5 for poor grammar, spelling and sentences that didn't make sense.

    I also sent the same 5 keywords to The Content Authority and found the article quality to be better for the same price. You can also order article rewrites at the same time so you get 3 versions of each article which you can then put together and then run through the best spinner to get lots of very unique versions.

    The Iwriter articles came back fast so if you're in a hurry, maybe iwriter gets an edge, but if you can wait 24-48 hours, I think The Content Authority is better quality and multiple rewrites gives it an edge too, IMHO.

  • Reply Chrisi Darrington3628 days ago

    Hey Mark,

    I've tried iWriter on both sides. I received 2 great articles, rejected 1.

    I have seen a few requests for articles where the person says they want an article rewritten and will deliver the article in .doc format.

    I've also seen someone request spintax by the writer.

    If there was a way to Flag these types of requests so the requester would know there is something wrong in their request.

    -- Your article request has been flagged for:

    And a comment could be posted as to the problem with the request.

    In addition to banning writers who get a lot of rejections, I believe you should check on people who reject articles consistently and ban these people as well. Some people are taking advantage of the writers by rejecting high quality articles over and over again.

    It takes my husband about 30 minutes to write a 500 word article. His grammar and his spelling are excellent and the article he wrote was super. I noticed quite a few people in a row had been rejected with the same complaint about writing a high quality article and getting rejected.

    I would add in your system a way to have the rejected article examined by a third party so that if it is indeed a quality article, the person who banned it would get a warning not to reject high quality articles or to go somewhere else.

    I wouldn't want to spend 30 minutes writing a high quality article only to find my time is wasted on someone who is taking advantage of the "easy" way to reject any article.

    Other than that, I thiink iWriter is a great place to get high quality content as well as a nice way to kick back and earn a little money on the side.


  • Reply Chrisi Darrington3624 days ago

    Update: I just noticed a new feature on iWriter. Now you can notify the requester if you have a question. Nice. :) Someone was listening.

  • Reply Victor Knut • 3622 days ago

    Rating sistem of each 'writer' should be improved, so I could chose to request writing only from writers with 8 stars and above. I wouldn't mind to pay more for such a quick service but 90% of articles are useless. Or this is just my bad luck I haven't got any proper english speaking writer there and I dont really feel I need article in Hindi at the moment.
    If someones husband has excelent english grammar and his general writing skills is so super, then iWriter is not the place to show them.
    Sick and tired of rejecting useless, spun and robot generated not human readable 'articles'.

  • Reply Narayan @ Fiverr Cash Cow • 3611 days ago

    Fiverr still has gigs where you can get two or three articles for one gig. Hope it benefits you. Have a check.

  • Reply devine power • 3606 days ago

    It seems iwriter got some approvals and some rejections!
    I still would like to hear from more people!
    I have been looking for some articles to be written fast and SEO friendly!
    What other guys have to say?

    Is it better or Fiverr is better?
    Asking for honest opinion.

  • Reply Anne • 3606 days ago

    I have tried iwriter and I find it pretty good. You can have your articles written within a couple of hours and they have recently introduced a system that allows to choose if you want basic, very good or premium quality, and this allows to have quality articles written at a very reasonable price.

  • Reply Sheeja Bhuyan3600 days ago

    Am a regular contributer to iWriter and my message to all the writers who have problems remember this--- Doubt has a twin sister who he has never met and she is Hope. Instead of complaning just write to the support team and Brad himself does make time to respond to all your questions and tickets. Believe in something and it never lets you down.. After having logged on to a few websites, i contribute to iWriter...ONLY!!, they do have a few requesters who r cheap and reject good work for frivolous reasons... but it is a very good and easy platform for budding writers. All the best to the the iWriter team....cudos for the excellent and untiring work...

    yeeapy • 2810 days ago

    Hi Sheeja, I submitted a quality article to a new account holder only to find that it was rejected on the basis of "Must be well informative". Do you know of any appeals process other than sending an email via standard form? I truly believe my article is being used without payment. The account holder does not have any statistics. Please advise.

  • Reply Mack Wickham3599 days ago

    Pretty good post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon.

  • Reply Vince Delmonte • 3597 days ago

    Hmm, had never hear of iWriter before, but I think I might try it out. Really like the fact that the articles come with Spyntax.

  • Reply Rachael McNaught3576 days ago

    "Peanuts and monkeys"

    Any iWriters get the email that was sent out recently? That's what this site really thinks of your work and talents. Cheap.

    By continuing to work for places like this you are only devaluing your work - even if it is 'only being used for backlinks'

    Oh and three more words. Content Farms, Panda

    Good luck

  • Reply Alan Hong3569 days ago

    Hey Mark
    I had a few articles done for me and they're good.

    However, noticed the spun-versions only have about a 30%+ rate.... isn't that too low?

    I found that was for about 5 articles I grabbed.

  • Reply Alan Hong3569 days ago

    Hey mark....i grabbed about 5 articles from iwrite but found the spin-versions at about 30% according to AMA.

    Is that ok?

  • Reply Alan Hong3569 days ago

    Also the spin versions of the articles use the wrong delimiters which means you have to edit the whole thing so AMA will accept it.
    eg. a sentence came in this format {a|b|c} which is WRONG whereas it should come back RIGHT as {a~b~c}....and that's just one example.... Just thought i'd share that if you didnt pick that up,...

  • Reply bob jackson • 3512 days ago

    do the iwriters research the keywords for specific information to my subject. for example, i need 3 articles, my main keyword is quilts and additional article keywords are for specific types of quilts,will they provide researched data on these subjects. i provide the names of the specific quilts. ty bobjacks

  • Reply Joe Miller3510 days ago

    Thanks for the great info. I tried iwriter recently and got some pretty good articles.

  • Reply yougpeter3503 days ago

    wow great video.Never heard of iwriter.Thanks :)

  • Reply Samuel Frost3473 days ago

    Hey Mark, just thought I'd add another cool thing you can do with iWriter - if you write articles (and get paid) you can then use the money you earn to buy articles from other writers on iWriter.

    This means you could write articles about a subject you're knowledgeable on, and then effectively "swap" them for articles on a different topic.

  • Reply Hamilton • 3470 days ago

    I am looking for an eBook, and I was wondering if there's an option on iwriter.com to do that.

    If not, what are your suggestions on this subject? thanks:)

  • Reply Lynn Brown • 3395 days ago

    When I was referred to iWriter from another entrepreneur, I was very happy after trying out their service. But I am also a huge fan of Guru.com - I have found some amazing copy writers on that site that I will not give up - but they do charge $10 - $12 per blog post and I can have 2 written for the same price over at iWriter. So cost effectiveness is the reason why I will use iWriter for quick blog posts.

  • Reply Rayda Jacobs • 3363 days ago

    Mark, here is my problem with iWriter. If you can help me then you are a genuine guy. I have struggled for 3 days with this site trying to post. I am new to how this site works, but when I started I managed to select a topic, wrote it as the green button says 'write'. That was no problem. A few minutes later I wrote another post and for the hell of me I don't know where the listing is s it disappeared from my site.I would try to post but nothing comes on, no button, and I am stuck. I go through the process over and over again. In the meantime I write three articles for that post on Russian/Ukraine dating to post all at once, and could not find the listing. Eventually I gave up and posted all 3 on Experts Column. Today I tried again and the same thing. This is a difficult site as it caters to writers who get paid and writers who have other writers write for them. Can you help? I click on the small icon when I pick, and today after searching and could not find the insurance articles, I again have written a blog as requested on fishing tackle, and the site is no longer listed. What am I doing wrong?

  • Reply John Dreyer3312 days ago

    I steer clear of iWriter as much as possible and stick with MyTypist - http://www.mytypist.net They have an awesome support team and the quality of articles are much, much better.

  • Reply Tara Butler3296 days ago

    Hi Mark, I can't find an explanation of escrow or reserved amount for ongoing projects in iwriter. Can you tell me what that means?

  • Reply Tara Butler3296 days ago

    Please disregard my question lol. It finally clicked.

  • Reply Kevz • 3244 days ago

    I have been on iwriter for some months now and am at the premium level. Last week, i completed two articles- 500 words and 150 words. The articles should be auto-approved in 72 hours if the client has not approved or rejected them. However, the two articles i did are now way beyond 5 days and still waiting approval! Is the system dead or what's up? I submitted the ticket to the iwriter support and so far no feedback after 48 hours. Anybody to advise me here?

  • Reply LarahCarter • 3244 days ago

    Hey admin, I try to log in to iWriter and most of the time am told av logged in with many accounts. I always feel wasted coz I cud have handled even three articles in 2 hrs. Please do something about it. Thanks

  • Reply sheila • 3241 days ago

    Thanks for a very informative video on iWriter. I will try using this service to earn extra income.

  • Reply Kieran • 3046 days ago

    This website runs illegally and all should beware of this. They do not state in their Terms of Use page that they will shut down writers for virtually no reason. I wrote 21 articles in 16 hours one day, 19 of which received four or five-star reviews. How does the site respond to these two bad ones? Banning the account for "spam articles." Hard to imagine I'd be getting good reviews if I was turning out "spam." They illegally bar people from funds they have worked hard to earn, and should be avoided at all costs.

    More importantly, you should spread the word. These law-breakers don't deserve to be indulged. If you do some background research on Brad Callen you'll find out this is not by far the first stated issue with their practices. They are unprofessional and frankly quite stupid about wearing it on their sleeve. Take them down.

    yeeapy • 2810 days ago

    Kieran, I just received my first rejection on the basis of "Must be well informative" on iWriter. My rating has been averaging at 4, and I started two weeks ago. I have submitted six articles. Were you able to challenge or appeal the rejection you got. Clearly, those were unfair. I believe the new account user (with no current statistics) is using my article without paying for it. Any advice?

  • Reply LTHarris • 3020 days ago

    So far my experience with Iwriter is anything but good. I got burned once because I failed to a careful review, but that's my fault. I'm sure there are good writers there but everything I've seen til now has been garbage. If this is what the premium level is like I fear to think what the basic level articles are like.

  • Reply Rohit Venkat • 2845 days ago

    I feel iwriter.com is a great source for freelance writing jobs. Unlike other sites, where you need to pay funds to test and showcase your skills, iwriter.com allows you to earn without any investment. You can start working right away!!! This is a great feature I have come to love from iwriter.com

  • Reply Rohit Venkat • 2845 days ago

    As far as I am concerned I am yet to encounter a site as nice, legit and simple as iwriter.com.
    The site has quality writers in my opinion.
    @LT Harris - If you want the best quality why not try and create a request for best rated writers? I am sure they will give you the great content you are looking for.
    As for earning purposes, the site can provide you with a reasonable side income and if you get promoted to premium or elite writer then you get to earn more money. Expect the requester to be more focused on your language and detailing though.

  • Reply Kadir kumar2844 days ago

    Perfect site!!! I have started to earn 20-30 bucks per month. Nice video!!!

  • Reply Mercie Peter's • 2838 days ago

    Thanks for sharing great tips. iwriter is a great site for both writers and requesters. I have been writing for them and there is always work to do.Some requesters don't take long to approve and it they fail to approve within 72 hours then the system automatically approves. The pay is not great for starters but once you work hard with positive ratings then you will earn a good amount of money. They pay on time on every Tuesday, Every other Wednesday, and monthly on 5th or 25th.

  • Reply Arjita 2683 days ago

    Well, scream as much you want to support iwriter. It is true that they pocket registrants money whenever they feel like. My friend lost 250 dollars, they would not credit it to her paypal. Similarly, I lost around 60 dollars. Shameless behavior. As far as their excuse on poor writing and other stuff, they still should not pocket the money which we have already earned. If they are so money hungry they rather open donation bank like beggars for themselves than such cheap antics

  • Reply Willson John2442 days ago

    Thanks for sharing great tips. iwriter is a great site for both writers and requesters. I have been writing for them and there is always work to do.Some requesters don't take long to approve and it they fail to approve within 72 hours then the system automatically approves. The pay is not great for starters but once you work hard with positive ratings then you will earn a good amount of money.

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