Web 2.0 Marketing


How to Use Facebook for Affiliates

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites out there, and receives a huge amount of traffic. Here's some important tips for getting the most out of it.

How to Use Twitter for Affiliates

People love Twitter’s straightforward, real-time way of sharing information with others. We’ll show you how to benefit by using it for only 15 minutes a day.

How To Use Google Plus for Affiliates

In this social media lesson, we are exploring the benefits, how to’s and strategies of using Google Plus as an affiliate.

Creating a Squidoo lens

In this lesson we take you step by step through setting up a Squidoo lens, along with how to get your lens spidered to increase your PageRank.

Web 2.0 introduction

The Internet is continuously evolving, and "Web 2.0" is a term coined to describe the new interactive Internet. Here we tell you a bit more about what it means for you!

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites or 'tagging' sites are a way to store your favorite links online — usually publicly, hence the word 'social'! This type of site is the epitome of web 2.0 and has become very popular, as it's a great way for people to find new websites that they might otherwise never come across.

The Web 2.0 Backlink Method

Want to see the real power in Web 2.0? This lesson covers a cunning method we learned from Jason Katzenback for building backlinks.




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