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Lauren Reed - A new way of doing business

"Affilorama provides exceptional content that is kept current and up to date"

Lauren had been working online for some time running websites that sold physical products and working through eBay. Frustrated with the low margins and dealing with wholesale middlemen, she began searching for a new business model – what she found was affiliate marketing.

"With affiliate marketing it is so easy to find a product to promote and switch away if it doesn't work well."

New and relevant content

She was referred to one of Mark's interviews and immediately liked his style and depth of content.

"I came on over to Affilorama and they have over-delivered ever since. Affilorama provides exceptional content that is kept current and up to date. Nothing is more important in the constantly changing internet marketing world"

More time spent making money

Now Lauren has increased the net profit of her business significantly, no longer having to stock inventory or paying out a hefty cut to a wholesaler.

"I spend my time more profitably, looking for new opportunities and refining the good offers, rather than answering customer service questions and following up on deliveries!"

"Affilorama has done a great job of providing an affiliate newbie with enough actionable material to help me change my business model and become a much more profitable enterprise."

— Lauren Reed - USA