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Jack Vidal- Hitting the Ground Running

"Four months into the affiliate business I'm already making $2000-$3000 per month..."

Jack decided to get into online business after he got sick of the Rat Race and working for others. He has only been at affiliate marketing for about 4 months now, but already he's seeing some great results.

"It took me about two weeks to make my first two sales ever! I was so excited. Four months into the affiliate business I'm already making $2000-$3000 per month"

How Affilorama Helped

When Jack started he gathered as much information as he could find, buying every course and ebook he could. But it was Mark Ling's personal style in Affilorama that caught his eye.

"The first time I saw Affilorama, I had this gut feeling that this will give me the tools I need to achieve my goals. I want to be like Mark!"

"Affilorama helped me a lot in the areas I needed it most, like creating a landing page. When I started I didn't even know how to upload to a web server. With Affilorama's help, now I don't just create landing pages, but landing pages that convert visitors in to sales!"

"Affilorama has everything you need to know about becoming an affiliate"

Just getting started

Jack has big plans for his affiliate marketing business.

"I set myself a goal to become a Super Affiliate within one year."

He also plans to stay involved with Affilorama throughout. "I hope to one day be interviewed by Mark as a well known Super Affiliate"

— Jack Vidal - Israel