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SEO software Traffic Travis hits 100,000 downloads at Cnet.com

Affilorama Group is proud to announce that their search engine optimization (SEO) software Traffic Travis has just hit the 100,000 download mark at Cnet.com, and is ranked as the number 1 SEO download tool with a 4.5 star Editor's rating.

Originally built for personal use by Affilorama founder Mark Ling, Traffic Travis was launched to the public as free downloadable software in 2006 after realizing a combined SEO and PPC tool would be highly sought after.

"Having begun as a small internet startup business ourselves, I knew there would be many online marketers with low budgets who would benefit from Traffic Travis as much as we have", says Ling.

SEO is based on the principle that if a website ranks on the first page of search results for a particular keyword, then that website will naturally receive a greater volume of traffic than another one that ranks on the 100th, or even the 10th page of results. 

As a low cost and effective marketing strategy, employing SEO tactics is a lucrative way of building a successful website. For this reason, Ling finds it surprising that many website owners neglect to do even the basics of search engine optimization, such as naming their pages properly.

"Knowledge and persistence are the keys to accomplishing your SEO goals. Time and again, people fall off the wagon because they get tired of link building without seeing immediate results. If you can demonstrate commitment to your SEO goal, then you will always come out on top", says Ling.

While some aspects of SEO are changing, for the most part the basic principles remain the same. The most important factor is building good backlinks, followed by ensuring the website hosts quality content with optimal keyword density, and that keywords are properly utilized in other areas such as meta-tags and page titles.

Traffic Travis incorporates all of these SEO needs, and is described by the creators as "like having a free internet marketing guru sitting by your side". Included in Traffic Travis is a Page Analysis tool that uses a letter-grading system (such as A+) to analyze and suggest improvements of any web page, thereby eliminating the user's need for extensive SEO knowledge.

Other features of Traffic Travis include giving users the time saving ability to track their website's (and competitor's websites') progress in search engine rankings over time, a keyword finder, and Pay Per Click (PPC) help.

Because the creators of Traffic Travis also use it for their SEO needs, users can enjoy regular software updates and rest assured that a high priority is placed on maintaining optimal functionality at all times.

Traffic Travis is available to download for free from Cnet.com, and a professional version is also available to those who would like more advanced options. More information can be found by visiting http://www.traffictravis.com/