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Recession Forces Many To Look For Alternative Income

For release: 7th April 2009

Christchurch, New Zealand - More and more people will start using the internet as a way to supplement their income in harsh economic times says leading internet expert and affiliate marketer Mark Ling of New Zealand based affiliate education portal, Affilorama.com. The entrepreneur and self-made millionaire believes that, while most industries are experiencing diminishing revenues, the resilience of the online business space will attract many recently unemployed professionals into the arena. Low start-up costs and increasing accessibility to internet resources and technology means starting an online business is no longer restricted to the technical whiz. "From a technical and web-design perspective, it has never been easier for the complete novice to get into the industry," says Ling, who started his internet career in the mid nineties.

Ling has discovered a growing demand for 'quick-fix' training material while running his training site Affilorama – with many falling for "get rich quick" scams. Although he rejects the notion that making money online is as easy as the shysters make out, Ling has put together a new product called AffiloBlueprint, which he says represents a new-comers best chance to actually making money on the internet. "AffiloBlueprint is basically a formula. You follow along step-by-step – do what I do – and you can make a profitable niche affiliate site."

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people's products on a commission basis, and is one of the most common means of monetization on the internet. “The idea of using word of mouth referrals is one of the most powerful ways of doing business in existence – and has been for hundreds of years,” Ling says. The AffiloBlueprint product will allow users to create a $500 per week website if properly followed. Ling sums up his approach: “The fact is; people are making an increasing number of their purchases online – and many of those purchases are digital products. If you can help people find what they're after by promoting products like this, you can make money - and everyone wins.”

AffiloBlueprint launches on April 28th but is only available for 7 days. "We have purposely limited access so that we can provide high quality mentoring to every member who joins," Ling says.


About Affilorama: Affilorama was launched in 2006 and is one of the leading affiliate marketing training resource sites. Affilorama offers free access to video lessons and tools, and currently has over 40,000 members. For more information visit: https://www.affilorama.com

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