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Christchurch Company Leading the Way for Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

Christchurch, New Zealand - A Christchurch based company, Affilorama, is placing itself ahead of the game by developing a unique service for affiliate marketers worldwide.

Three years after its inception, founder Mark Ling continues to expand the online Affilorama portal. Emerging from this is an increasingly comprehensive service catering to the needs of affiliate marketers, from beginner to advanced level. Already Affilorama's content far surpasses what is available elsewhere in the world - even in the USA, the ‘home' of affiliate marketing.

Affilorama was launched in 2006 by Ling, a super-affiliate who is Christchurch born and bred. While studying at the University of Canterbury in 1999, Ling stumbled across the practice of affiliate marketing as a way to free himself from his part-time student job. He soon began making millions from his unforeseen mastery of the industry.

Realising affiliate marketing was an uncultivated field, Ling set up Affilorama.com as an educational and resource centre for others wishing to follow in his footsteps. "Through years of experience, I have developed a formula that undoubtedly works - it only made sense that I should share this with others. By simply following a set of instructions, Affilorama offers an opportunity for success to every Joe Bloggs".

With an increasing number of people gravitating to the internet as a money-making tool, membership of Affilorama has grown exponentially, having just surpassed 50 000 members. Of these, a large number are from the United States - where affiliate marketing is more widely known.  

At less than 5%, New Zealand members of Affilorama make up only a fraction of the total. Ironically, Ling believes this is due to an underdeveloped internet marketing climate here. "Kiwis are yet to be fully exposed to the wonders of internet marketing, but hopefully as companies such as Affilorama grow it will be brought into the limelight - and New Zealanders will not look back", says Ling.
Ling's contribution to Affilorama is very hands-on, and he develops a trusting bond with his students by regularly hosting live webinars, and ensuring that any support needed by his students is easily received. This contributes to an important function of Affilorama as a community for affiliate marketers. Also providing lively forums and blogs, the community fostered by Affilorama is a mainstay of the site.

Membership to Affilorama is free, and gives access to a host of step-by-step video lessons along with other tools to get students started in their affiliate marketing business. "It is paramount we offer this service free, as it gives people the opportunity to discover just how lucrative and easy the affiliate marketing industry can be," says Ling. Member success stories are plentiful, with many disclosing how they were able to give up their day job for what they unanimously describe as a better life.

Given the vast amount of information offered for free, people often ask Ling how the Affilorama site earns revenue. The answer is through their subscription-based ‘Premium' service that provides affiliate marketers with continued advanced education and support for their business.

The premium service offers its members' custom-designed software tools developed by the Christchurch-based team, along with a monthly magazine and the recently added web-hosting service. The accessibility of the vast range of affiliate marketing resources at Affilorama makes it a unique service. Ling believes that one day soon it will be the first to provide a ‘one-stop shop', serving worldwide from Christchurch.


About Affilorama

Affilorama was launched in 2006 and is one of the leading affiliate marketing training resource sites. Affilorama offers free access to video lessons and tools, and currently has over 40,000 members. For more information visit: https://www.affilorama.com


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