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Affilorama Releases New Premium Service Offering Exclusive Resources

Affilorama.com, an online educational and resource centre for both aspiring and advanced affiliate marketers, will launch the new Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition on 24th November 2009. New features of this edition of Affilorama Premium include a greater range of customized internet marketing tools, and web hosting.

This is a membership-based service offered by Affilorama, an expansion and improvement of the original Affilorama Premium membership. Additional features of the Affilorama Premium 2010 edition see more tools and a web hosting service to be made available to members. Improvements have also been made to the pre-existing tools, alongside a new release of the monthly magazine included in the service.

Previously, progressing members of Affilorama had to purchase web hosting externally, which would typically cost from $10 to $50 per domain. Now they can save on that cost as the new Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition includes hosting for up to fifteen domains. The decision to offer web hosting reflects founder Mark Ling's vision to drive Affilorama towards becoming a complete service for affiliate marketer's needs. "Just like a supermarket is a one-stop shop for all your food requirements, Affilorama aims to be a one-stop shop for all affiliate marketing needs. There is nothing like this on the market today," says Ling.

Five new tools designed specifically for affiliate marketers have been added to Affilorama Premium, bringing the total to 13. Improvements have also been made to the existing eight tools, enabling the execution of more functions. Ling says "these marketing tools are invaluable for members because they automate important but usually very time-consuming tasks. We have designed them with the specific purpose of propelling our members towards success in affiliate marketing".

The new tools include ‘Trusted Traffic', which assists affiliates in building links to their website from trusted traffic sources, such as government or educational websites. ‘Social Snoop' reveals the rankings of a page of interest on 19 social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ‘Article Spin' analyzes articles for the purpose of helping affiliates avoid duplicate content and so enabling preference in search engine rankings.

Also included in the new Affilorama Premium membership is a monthly magazine providing detailed insight and commentary on a particular topic of interest. This provides a member with fresh material on advanced topics, in addition to their unlimited access to Affilorama Premium's other resources. Affilorama has a number of other innovative features in the offing that will be introduced to Affilorama Premium in the coming months. "Our plans for the future of Affilorama should make our members ecstatic. By answering all affiliate's needs in one place, we really are creating a unique and priceless service", says Ling.

A special offer is being made for a $1 trial of the service for launch week. It will then cost $47 per month for those wishing to continue their membership. This price will be raised to $67 for new members signing up from December 1st 2009. For more information, visit www.affilorama.com.

About Affilorama: Affilorama was launched in 2006 and is one of the leading affiliate marketing training resource sites. Affilorama offers free access to video lessons and tools, and currently has over 40,000 members. For more information visit: https://www.affilorama.com


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