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Email MarketingEmail marketing is a major contributor to the income of many wealthy affiliates. It can be incredibly lucrative when done right, and you're going to learn how with the free lessons right here.

There are several different approaches you can take to email marketing depending on the type of website you have, or would like to have. 

You can have a website full of content that encourages people to sign up to a mailing list from within a side bar or at the bottom of posts and articles. 

You can have a one-page website dedicated to building a mailing list that you send traffic to via solo ads, as can be seen in the solo ads lesson below. 

However you tackle it, the aim of the game is to...

  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Develop a relationship with those subscribers by sending regular helpful newsletters
  • Then strategically promote affiliate offers and product launches to earn commissions

It can be set up and automated so that you can just sit back and let your newsletter series do all the work for you. Sound like a good system? That's because... it is! 


Learn More About Email Marketing

The #1 Newsletter Strategy

A 6-part mini-course is essentially just 6 newsletters packed with as much value as you can possibly give, and it's the #1 Newsletter strategy available to affiliates.

Introduction to Email Marketing

Adding a newsletter series to affiliate promotions can automatically double income. Why is email marketing is so immensely profitable? Let us show you why.


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