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What do you need to use the web?

The most important thing you need to use the internet is a web browser. This is what is allowing you to read this web page at the moment. Most computers come with a web browser built in, usually Internet Explorer for PC's and Safari for Macs. These browsers are fine at what they do, but most people don't realize you can change your browser. For example everyone at Affilorama uses Firefox because it's really reliable and you can customize it by installing little add-on programs called plug-ins, which allows it to do lots of different things. You can download Firefox from here for free.


Apart from a browser, if you are using email a lot, you may want to get an email client program. An email client allows you to send and receive all your emails without having to go through your email providers website. It also means you can save all your emails on your computer. Again, most computers come with some kind of basic email client, however the same organization that makes Firefox also makes a really neat email client called Thunderbird which you can download here for free. Most email providers have instructions on how to set up an email client.

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