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What is social bookmarking?

When you find a web page that you find interesting, instead of having to remember the address of the webpage, you can simply save the address as a 'bookmark' in your browser (some browsers call them favorites). Social bookmarking is like saving favorites on your browser, except you're saving to a website that you can access from any computer in the world. But the part of social bookmarking is the 'social' part. Everyone can look at everyone else bookmarks. This means that you can browse and search through content that other people have already decided is worth looking at.

This can be much better than a search engine, which just uses a computer program to decide what's relevant and what's not – with social bookmarking sites, all the content has been picked by actual people. You can also see how good different content is by how many times it's been saved by different users. Most social bookmarking sites will display a number next to the content indicating how many times it has been saved by another user. These sites also show a continually updated list of popular web pages. This can be a great way of finding interesting content that you might not otherwise come across.

There are tons of social bookmarking sites, but the following are five popular, easy to use sites that are a good place to get started.


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