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How do I use email?

You will likely be familiar with email to some degree. Even though it predates the internet, email is still the primary form of online communication with hundreds of billions of emails sent every day! An email has two parts a header, containing the subject line and a body (or message body) which contains the content. The header has several fields which are very important to understand if you want to get the full functionality out of email.


  • From: This is your email address and in some cases the name of the sender (though the email address is still accessible)
  • To: The email address or addresses of the recipients of the email. Email allows you to send the same message to multiple people. You can send mail to multiple primary recipients, which means they all get a copy of the email, and can see the addresses of everyone else that it was sent to.
  • CC: 'CC' stands for Carbon Copy. When you 'CC' someone in on an email, they get a copy of the email, and can see everyone else that it's been sent to, but by being in the 'CC' column tells them that they are not the primary recipient of the email, but rather are just being informed of the message contents. This is mainly used in business situations, for example you send a message to your client Claire about setting up a meeting, but you also 'CC' in your assistant Mike so he can check your schedule. The message is written to the primary recipient Claire (“Hi Claire”), but Mike also gets a copy. The only different between 'CC' and multiple primary recipients is the relative “status” of the recipient – the message is written to the primary, but other people need to know the information in the email too.
  • BCC: 'BCC' stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This is like 'CC'ing someone, except the other recipients can't see the address of anyone in the BCC category. The recipients in the BCC category though can see the primary recipients and the CC recipients.

Email is very simple to use, however there are some standard things that you should try to do when sending an email which will make them better for the reader.Have a read of this article on email etiquette here.



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