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WoW articles for sale

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WoW articles for sale

Well last month wasn't so hot for me and I need to make some extra money to cover my expenses. As most of you already know I am an avid player of World of Warcraft and I know, having been in this business for a bit, that good WoW articles are hard to come by. You can no imitate knowledge of a cultural phenomenon such as WoW. I would love to do some articles on WoW for anyone who is interested. My experience with MMORPGs in general is pretty extensive and I have been with WoW 5+ years now as a player, guild leader, and beta tester.

I am extremely passionate about my WoW: affiliate-hangout/how-do-i-delete-my-account-t7388.html

A new WoW guild website I created: ""

My prices for 500 word articles optimized with your keywords:
1-5 articles - $10 each
6-10 articles - $8
11-30 articles - $7 each
31+ articles contact for special pricing.

Reasonable article deadlines will be met. Payment will be required via Paypal. Payments required after each article is submitted up to 5 articles. After 5 articles are paid for articles will be e-mailed in bulk to buyer.

Please PM me for further questions.

Small Writing Sample:

World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular MMORPGs to hit the industry nearly five years ago. Players are immersed in a fully functional graphic world with an economy, political system, and even weather. Blizzard Entertainment first produced a single player series of games called “Warcraft” these games lead to a multimillion dollar phenomenon. While WoW wasn't the first successful MMORPG it certainly has been the most lucrative with celebrity endorsements from Ozzy Osbourne and Mr. T.
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