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Will some directories get your articles ranked higher?

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Will some directories get your articles ranked higher?

It seems like when searching something in google you will occasionally see an article from EzineArticles in the search results. But I haven't ever noticed seeing articles from other article directories in the search results. Not to say they never are, I just never noticed. This got me thinking that perhaps some of the article directories are better that others. Maybe some of them like EzineArticles are more liked by the search engines. So this brings up three questions:

1. Will some of the article directories get your articles ranked higher in the search engines because they are liked more by the search engines?

2. If so, which article directories will get your articles ranked higher in the search engines? Which ones should you focus on?

3. Is it a waste of time submitting articles to article directories that won't get you ranked high in the search engines? I hear that some people have their articles submitted to hundreds of directories. If none of them can get you ranked high then what's the point?
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When choosing sites to build links on, no matter what type they are, you have to test a lot of it. I use different article sites for different niches, based on the results that I get through testing them out.Eza is good for some niches, but some niches they are so oversaturated that your article won't even make a blip on the radar. The links are still valuable, but you wont see much traffic or high rankings from them.

part of it comes down to how much weight the search engines put behind the over all links to a site. A lot of the smaller directories don't bother to promote their site properly, so they don't get a lot of backlinks. EZA has millions of links from all the people who llink to their own articles as well as all the Gurus who link to them all the time.

But, it isn't really that great for every niche. some topics they wont allow, and some are so saturated with crap that they are largely ignored by the search engines, because most of the articles are rubbish.

You should understand that there are two paths to higher search rankings. You can post a few links on really high quality niche specific sites, (which NO article directories really fall into this category...). These are going to be sites with authority in your niche, and will bring you a ton of traffic on their own. If your links are brining you traffic and Google sees that and trusts the sites your traffic is coming from, they will rank you higher.

the other school of thought (if all you care about is SEO, and you WANT to ignore most of your potential customers...) is to get massive numbers of low quality links. (you can probably see where I sit on that subject...)

This is where blog networks (the spammy spun content blogs like AMA, not real blogs which are usually in the High quality authority mix...) and article directories come in. They are easy places to get tons of links, but they require massive numbers of submissions to get high rankings. You can either focus on a few directories and do a TON of submissions, or you can write less articles and post them on a ton of different sites.
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While it is true that some article directories are better than the other, it is really a big help if you submit your articles to many article directories. You can do it manually or you can use a software (an article submitter) to ease the job for you. Some of the best and most visited article directories are Squidoo, Hubpages, EzineArticles (as you mentioned it earlier) eHow and a lot more.If you wish to use an article submitter software, you can search in Google which is the best and which you prefer to use.
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