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Why 500 word articles?

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Why 500 word articles?


I was wondering the reasoning behind Mark saying we should make sure our articles were at least 500 words. Any idea why? Does it have to do with the Search Engines and how they'll rank our sites? I have some articles that are around 400 words so wanted to know if my site would be negatively affected in the long-run.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Janice,

400 words will probably be fine. Most people recommend at least 400 words, there is no exact set number. I just go for 500 words as a rule of thumb because I like to make certain that I'm giving a lot of value. But no I don't think 400 words will hurt you.
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500-600 is the usual minimum words for the majority of article syndication sites out there. If you are NOT syndicating your articles then 250-300 is sufficient for Google's index.
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