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where to find a good newsletter author?

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where to find a good newsletter author?

Hey affilorama,

I have a small problem here... I am following the AB and have been paying close attention to the entire process and have been following it very closely.

I am on week 7 and just cant figure out a good newsletter series.. I am a decent writer but writing a good newsletter is out of my league. I really want to provide good value to my readers, so I am looking for some suggestions here. Where can I outsource this job? Has anyone outsourced newsletters before? How much did you pay and how good was the quality?

I am more techie and want to focus on SEO and let the writers to their job. Any help would be appreciated.

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Writers charge anywhere from $1 per 100 words to as much as $5 per 100 words. As you might guess the $1 writers are not native and even if they are they are outsourcing their work to writers in India. I'm a writer myself and if you let me know what exactly you are looking for I may be able to help.

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You can check Affilorama Services and see how much member-writers are charging for their work. You can also visit Odesk,, or elance. That's where most go to look for writers for hire.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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