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What do you think of this software?

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What do you think of this software?

I came across these two websites and .

They are basically article spinning software, so I need to know what do you think of them? should I go for them or they will give me duplicate content and meaningless articles.

I don't have the money to hire a writer and I'm not a good writer thats why I'm considering article spinning.

So what do you think?
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The Money is definitely in the list. At least that is what everybody thinks.
But after 3 years online I figured out that money is in the TEAM.
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I have been in search of a good article spinner for a while, too. So far I use (every now and then) Article Writer Pro ( The set up for each project requires a few hours, but does do a reasonably good job.

In addition to creating backlinks to your website, another important aspect of articles is to establish you (or your website) as an authority in the subject. The articles I saw from the software below, or any software for that matter, is that while it is grammatically correct and has seemingly coherent content, it still really does not make any sense to a human reader. At least not enough to think that the article is "good" or adds value or authority to your site.

Unfortunately I still think writing the darn things by hand is the best way to go. I'm getting better and quicker (or at least quicker) in writing, and it now takes me about 30 minutes to write and research a whole 500 word plus article, if I get the flow going.

Its a lot of work but, hey, I think its worth it :-).

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