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What do with my blog!

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What do with my blog!

I started a blog called a long time ago when i knew nothing about seo, keywords or anything about marketing! So now i was wondering what to do with it? I mean i was just copying and pasting affiliate links from my account and using the same description the adverstieser gave. SOOO i know that's not working because it's nothing new. So what would i write about it to promote the blog and the products? Should i go back and edit everything with my seo plugin? And say what?

please help!
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The question shouldn't be "what should I do with it?" but "is my time best spend elsewhere on other projects?" Just because you have a domain and put some content on it, doesn't mean you have to invest your time into it. Internet marketing is one of those things that can suck you dry of all your time if your not careful.

Are you making any sales on this Website yet? Is this in a niche you care about? What is your monetization strategy? Do you actually want to write content for the Website or get it outsourced?

You may find after some reflection and thinking that your time could be better invested in projects that give you a better opportunity for income.

Sorry I can't give you any concrete advice because this is a personal decision and you need to know this market well enough to know if it will be worth your time and the money is there with your strategy.

I hope this helps,

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Alex gave some really good points to think about. I visited the site and if I were you, I'll change the layout and turn into more of a fashion blog where I would feature latest outfits worn by celebrities and the less expensive counterparts of these outfits. Something like a same-look-for-less-price kind of site. The site will be having a major overhaul more or less, so it's like starting from 0.

So think about what Alex said. Are you into this niche? Is this a project you still want to work on and spend time on? Or do you have more lucrative endeavors worth pursuing?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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