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Titles for Articles That Have Very Similar Keywords

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Titles for Articles That Have Very Similar Keywords

Greetings Folks,

What are people doing if they have keywords that are pretty much the same thing but worded differently when it comes to article titles and the sidebar in WP?

For example: if you have, say, "stop cat jumping" and "stop jumping cat". If someone is reading the sidebar it would look odd to have these items in the list since they both are so close, not to mention your articles would be similar (50% different of course).

Are people changing the titles in the sidebar? Do they have to be the keywords? I'm guessing you can add the google "stop words" in your title and sidebar? Like, "stop YOUR cat jumping"... although typing "stop cat jumping" and "stop your cat jumping return two different results in google.

Me confused.

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It's possible to get ranked on Google for one article using both phrases. To me, both keyword phrases are the same thing. You would just use both in your article and, when building backlinks, use both as anchor text.

Doing one article for the two keywords also will save you the time it takes to create two different articles. Another solution is to create two articles and post one to your blog and the other to another platform with a link back to your site.
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Also, another strategy Mark has used is if you can write a long article on the topic, you could split it up and have one article target one keyword and the other target the other keyword.

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