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Outsourcing Spinning

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Outsourcing Spinning

Hi there

I am looking for some recommendations for decent article spinners to outsource to.

I have been spinning my own articles but it is just too time consuming (not to mention tedious).

I've been writing my own 1000+ word articles and I intend to distribute them to article deps and via AMA and web 2.0. However I have no idea how people spin them in a few hours. I am taking more than a day (sometimes two) full days work for a 1000 word respin.

Perhaps I am going overboard with the spin. I am spinning every sentence 5 times and pretty much every word of each spun sentence between 3 and 5 times depending on the word.

I appreciate the pay off of this level of spin is exponential compared to the initial effort put in but it really does take a lot of time that I could spend elsewhere.

I also appreciate that self spinning allows you to keep control over the language, syntax and grammar that a high quality article requires.

Now, at the risk of 'wanting to have my cake and eat it', can anyone recommend an outsourcer that can offer this level of spin and still make sure that "an exceptional program" won't become "an great programme"...?

As a secondary question I'd be very grateful for feedback on what other members consider a decent spin level (sentence:word).

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Luke,

I agree, and then when you get down to it, the top article directories would only accept original works, the effort is way too much in comparison to the rewards. There have been several discussions here in the forums on what the best article spinner is, how do you outsource it, how do go about it, etc. Below are such discussions:

Rapid Rewriter vs Best Spinner
Outsourcing Article Spinning - How much does it cost?
The low-down on rewriting articles: What you need to know

Hope those help! Have a good day!
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Yup been there, I hated doing that and not being a writer or even a good typist, spinning was a pain. I stopped a long time ago right around when Google took out the blog networks, like AMA, (are they back?), what I used to do was spin at the word level then spin at the sentence level only 3 times then spin the paragraph only 2 times, but like I said I hated it and this was back then, not sure what levels are needed today probably more. Of course then I had to proof read all the out-put articles, so if I pumped out even just 25, it was not fun lol.

I used The Best Spinner software to save money but at the cost of time, but when I had the funds I would always use my service I help run, it's in my sig if you're interested. (Check the pricing.)

I'm sure there are many other services out there though that you could and should compare, you know the work that's involved so you can figure out easily what a good price and time frame would be for your needs.

Don't forget to check out the services section here on the forum, there might be an Affilorama member that offers these services, always good to work with friends.

Anyway good luck!
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