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Niche Audio Articles - articles with text and audio?

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Niche Audio Articles - articles with text and audio?

I've just joined Affilorama recently and need some advice. I have a subscription to Niche Audio Articles. The articles they provide each come with text files and audio files. I know I should rewrite the articles to make them unique, but rewriting the articles will result in text and audio files not matching anymore. How do other people handle this situation?

Also, Mark said to concentrate on one main idea and website. I really want to build adsense and affiliate sites with Audio. Should I forget about the adsense sites and build just one site or can I still do this and be successful?

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You can definately do this and be successful. What you can do is simply have a different audio than what is worded in the article. That doesn't matter really at all.

Concentrating on 1 site is one way of doing it, the principle is that every site is not a hunk of junk. If you can make multiple sites and have them be of quality to prospective visitors, then this is also a good strategy.

People that I am privately coaching, I create different strategies than the 90 day course, because there is certainly more than one way of succeeding in this business. Just keep visitor value as a critical focus in your strategy.

If you want to come up with an alternative strategy/90/180/360 day plan for yourself, feel free to post it to me to have a look at.

All the best,

ps I am currently working on new 90 day plans to illustrate some other ways of succeeding in affiliate marketing which also work well (eg 90 day pay per click strategy, etc)
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