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How to Create Unique Articles for a Website

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How to Create Unique Articles for a Website

Hi Mark.
I just saw the second week lesson on how to create unique content and i have a small problem...
English is not my mother tongue and it will be very hard for me to write 30 unique articles by my self.

Do you have some other free tips (beside Elance) for writing unique content?

Waiting for your reply...
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Well, your English seems fine to me, although if you're writing about a technical topic it might be a bit harder. Plus, it's gotta help your English if you keep practising :)

I'm not really sure what tips you could be after. You can either write the articles yourself or pay someone else to do them.

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I've just suggested this elsewhere too, but the link in my sig is a great place to get articles written.. it is an affiliate link, but feel free to just cut the end bit off. Great place to get articles for dirt cheap money, high quality as well.

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