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How to Create a Master Password in Firefox?
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How to Create a Master Password in Firefox?

Earlier I wrote about how to set a strong password either for online or for computer security. If you wanna know how to create a strong password, read this post.

Today's world is based on online. Few years ago, only people with ITprofession used to live with computer, internet and technology. But
today, a very normal person has to depend on information technology. He has to create Email IDs, Online Accounts and he has to remember the passwords too!

For different reasons a person naturally needs to have more than one Email ID. And he may have many online accounts. And to remember the ID and password as well as type them again and again is a boring job. To ease the users' work every browser offers to save password and username.

To be honest, to save password is really helpful for users. But at the cost of security who wants to save his password?

When you save your password and if someone has access to your computer then he might see your password!

To protect users' privacy Firefox provides an option to set a Master Password. If you have master password then nobody can see your saved password without entering the master password. And before signing in to any site you must enter your Master Password.

Setting a Master Password

First of all, make sure you are using Firefox Browser. Or download it from here.
Read More Please Visit This Site: ... refox.html
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In regards to your statement "and to remember the ID and password as well as type them again and again is a boring job,"I actually think remembering passwords and IDs isn't necessarily boring but more tedious than anything. And since I happen to use Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox tools like Robo Form and last pass is crucial. Especially when you have around 50 e-mail addresses as I do.

Overall your article wasn't bad; thank you for sharing.
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