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Getting different results from copyscape and Affilorama

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Getting different results from copyscape and Affilorama


I have made changes to an article and when I compare it at Affilorama I get 94% difference. Even so, copyscape flags it a duplicate content when I try to search it. Copyscape tell me that I have 24% duplicate content.

How can this be?

What percentage is ok when using copyscape?
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On Affilorama, the comparison is between the original article and the rewritten article that you entered into the tool.

On copyscape the comparison is between your article and content on other pages on the web.

Since the content being compared on the Affilorama and examined on copyscape are not the same, the results in terms of percentages of uniqueness would also not be the same.

I cannot say what percentage you should aim for on copyscape - opinions vary widely on this one - but I personally look for 100%
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