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Free Report to Entice Potential Customers..

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Free Report to Entice Potential Customers..

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this seem like such a stupid question. I've been on the net for a long time but have literally only just started looking into affiliate marketing.

I've seen sites where you can sign up with an email address and and receive a free report. I know to use the likes of mailpush to set up the sign up side of things but where do I get the free report to give to them?

I know it's such a newbie question but any help would be much appreciated.

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there are a lot of ways that you can get free reports. the most common is to simply write one. The way i do mine with a fairly new site is to troll the forums and come up with 10 or so commonly asked questions, write up a detailed answer, and use that for the free report. another way is to pick a product that you want to promote, buy a copy or get a free review copy, and sumarize each chapter in a 800-1000 word article, using that to presell people on the product.

you can also find a lot of Private label rights content that you could leverage, although if you go that route, make sure it is allowed to be given away and also I would rewrite it to put it into your own words and make it unique.
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Let me assume that you are going to promote digital products.

Let me also assume that you are going to promote a digital product that solves a problem, or helps them reach a goal.

Write a list of steps the reader will have to go through in order to achieve thier goal.

Make the give-away about the first step that they will have to acomplish to reach their goal.

Give them good info about the first obstical in their way to achieve there goal and you gain trust as an expert.

Inch them closer to their goal in your follow up emails, and continue to build trust.
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