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Feedback on Need An Article

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Feedback on Need An Article

Hey Gang,

I just had a test article written from scratch with Need An Article and want to pass on that I think they did a great job. I did some very minor tweaking as I read it over but other than that I will be using it as is.

Turn around time was about 24 hours but partially because I was unable to get back to them on a question they had quickly.

They have a ton of writers so I guess good and bad experiences are bound to come out.

My next step is to find a rewriter for the articles. Need An Article will do it for the UAW format and I am currently talking to them about getting it done for other formations like AMA. I have also submitted a test article to HumanRewriter to see what results I get there... they are backed up about a week now so I won't know for a while.


PS: I am having no luck with the "notify me when a reply is posted" so if you have any questions you want to ask me please copy your post to me and I may not see it for some time here.
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Need-An-Article. I've read a lot of positive feedback from members of this automated writing system. Most of the clients say that their service is outstanding and they deliver good quality articles in less than 24 hours. It's a good to know that you've had positive experiences with them as well :)

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There is an affilorama member right here who rewrites articles in AMA format.

Just make a search for article marketing automation in the forum and you will find him.

Great to see that it works for you.

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