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Content Spinning Tip for AMA & Others

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Content Spinning Tip for AMA & Others

Hi My Fellow AB Buds and Buddets,

I just learned about a really great way to spin to keep your "spinning footprint" down to a minimum to non existent. It will be a pain in the tooshy if you don't have a good spinning program but I believe this is totally worth it.

The idea is to create a wide variety in your spinning. Most of us, (me included) have been spinning by just rewriting the sentence one or two/three times. But we are missing a really good way to generate variety that will help us rank better and be more under the algorythm radar.

Here are some ways to vary our rewrites.

Include one or more of the following variations in each rewrite:

Bold text, italics, quoted text, images, videos, bulleted points, non bulleted points, exclude a paragraph or sentence, add several sentences.

Here is an example:

Sentence 1: My dog is big and loves carrots.

Sentence 1 variation 2: Sometimes my overweight pooch eats weird things. One
day he ate <b >a pickle.</b >

Sentence 1 variation 3: Big dog breeds can sometimes, a. eat too much, b. eat strange
things, c. create really big poops - <i >I hate that.</i >

Sentence 1 variation 4: This sentence is eliminated and replaced by a video or image if the program allows it.

Here's how it would look if it were AMA (I separated the html code so you could see it was added in)

{My dog is big and loves carrots.~Sometimes my overweight pooch eats weird things. One day he ate <b >a pickle.</b >~Large dogs can do, a. eat too much, b. eat strange things, c. create really big poops - <i >I hate that.</i >~Html image code to pull in image to article~video code to pull in video from Youtube~}

Notice that the first sentence is just one sentence long, but the second version is actually two sentences. The next version gives a point by point blow and then the others include an image or a video. And in the very last spin it actually totally leaves the sentence out altogether.

This is of course a LOT of work. In fact it's a bit overwhelming to me but I am thinking it will be very worth it to pay my writers to take the time to do it for me. It will cost me a lot more but the goal is to be highly unique. I think where this would really come into play is for building Web 2.0 properties.

Google is always changing and adapting to automation footprints. This type of spinning will make it near impossible for Google to track down.

Plus, if you think about it this way... let's say it costs you $10.00/$20.00 to get an article written up that varied in length from 500 words to 1000 words. With each spin the article not only read differently, but the format was unique as well. So, you take that one article, post it into AMA (or wherever), then submit to 10 different article directories, spin and create 20 different web 2.0 properties and so forth. You can also start creating a PDF ebook with it as well as add the original to your newsletter.

Now that is a very powerful way to spread your $10.00 - $20.00 investment. It doesn't mean you have to do this type of spinning for every article, but I believe it is worth the time and effort to use for your web 2.0 properties and some of your top quality article directory submissions.

You can not include images or videos with article submissions or all web 2.0 properties, but you can still spin using sentence word count variation, bold, italics, quotes, and leaving out or adding in some sentences and paragraphs that are not in every variation.

Maybe we can get away with the typical spin now, but Google is always going to be looking for ways to track our automation. This is one way to stay one step ahead of Google and others who are just following the crowd.

Okay, back to work. :)
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