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CAN SPAM Act - What to do with sign off name in newsletter

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CAN SPAM Act - What to do with sign off name in newsletter

I'm not sure how it's called - a sign off name - you know, the name that is being displayed at the end in the confirmation subscription email that people receive when they've filled in their name and email to get your ebook on your website.

I'm using Aweber, so according to the CAN SPAM Act I should put in a valid 'sign off name' and address. Now I'm living in the Netherlands, but my target audience is the US and Canada. So it would seem a little odd if I put in my own name and my Dutch address while I'm using an American/Canadian name that should be combined with a vaid US address. Now I *could* get a mailbox in the US but the sites I've visited (, are rather expensive or require you to live in the U.S.

So.. any workarounds on this one?
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Real people are not really going to be looking at that information on the bottom so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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Agree with esolutions, your prospects in your email list won't be looking for whether your email complies with anti-spam laws in their country.

That said, it doesn't hurt to add extra information into an email newsletter that established with the recipient that the sender is reputable and does indeed have a real world address, wherever it is in the world. This does a good job to create confidence between you and the recipient.

Hey esolutions, our post counts are a mirror-image ambigram..
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