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Bonus freebies... where to get them

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Bonus freebies... where to get them

Hi guys,

I would like to offer some bonus e-book or product to improve (actually, to get started) people signing up to my mailing list. However, I'm so busy writing articles that I simply don't have time to write an e-book on top of everything else.

Is there a good way to get decent quality stuff that could be used as a sign-up bonus?

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If you are in the IM niche I would suggest you join the affiliate program for Jimmy D Brown. He has alot of material you can brand with your affiliate links.

Other wise I would recomend the unselfish marketer (unselfishmarketer[dot]com, I think.)

The unselfish marketer has mostly IM related stuff but plenty of other stuff too.

You can buy PLR on ebay by the bucket loads. Not very good though you will have to do alot of editing.
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