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Article Marketing Automation with Wordpress

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Article Marketing Automation with Wordpress


The Article Marketing Automation website has a feature that will automatically add content to Wordpress Blogs. They send you emails with articles related to your site and with a click of a mouse button you can either approve or reject them. The approved ones get added automatically to your Wordpress blog.

I know that we aren't using the Blog posts in Wordpress and are adding all of our content as Pages. But we could add a blog to our sites and use it to provide automated content. I realize that it won't be optimized for search engines as we can't change the articles, but it can provide additional content to our readers and we can monetize the articles by adding affiliate links at the top and bottom of blog posts. It seems like a good way of adding additional content once we have created our 30 main articles. Doesn't google prefer sites that are regularly updated?

Does anybody have any comments about adding a blog page to our Wordpress sites? I'm not proposing anything different to what is in the blueprint, just an addtional blog page that would appear in the menu.

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