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Another Info Product - Online Courses

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Another Info Product - Online Courses

I wonder how may of you are familiar with the excellent, free courseware from

Moodle is used extensively by universities and other learning institutions to produce online courses and classes. Mark Ling has shown just how popular (and potentially lucrative) excellent online instruction is.

So, if you're expert and passionate in some topic or skill, why not create an online course? They should make excellent free signup bonuses or such, as well as being something you can offer (similar to Article Marketing) to others as fresh content.

Or you can charge tuition to your course or class, using the built in "shopping cart" in Moodle courseware.

I'm not sure how you would "spin" Moodle courses so that you could use the same course multiple times, but there may be no duplicate content issue in a Moodle course (it's a MySQL/PHP CMS system). If you did need to "spin" them, it shouldn't be difficult, since classes are built from several different kinds of modules - which could be re-arranged or edited easily.

You can see my (not quite completed) online art course at Image Composition in Art

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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